Lawyers comment on Roe v Wade

Two lawyers comment on Roe v Wade, the decision which legalized abortion:

“The clerks in most chambers were surprised to see the Justices, particularly Blackmun, so openly brokering the [Roe V Wade] decision like a group of legislators. There was a certain reasonableness to the draft, some of them thought, but it derived more from medical and social policy than from constitutional law. There was something embarrassing and dishonest about this whole process. It left the Court claiming that the Constitution drew certain lines at trimesters and viability. The Court was going to make a medical policy and force it on the states. As a practical matter, it was not a bad solution. As a constitutional matter, it was absurd.”

George Kaluger and Meriem Kaluger Human Development: The Span of Life (St. Louis: The CV Mosby Company, 1979) 65 – 66

lawyers comment on Roe v Wade

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