Lunatic Christians should have rescued me

This story is from a teenager who was pressured into abortion by her boyfriend, who came with her to make sure she went through with it. Sitting in the abortion clinic about to have an abortion against her will, she wished that some “crazed, lunatic Christians” would come and save her.

“After we parked, a man on the sidewalk tried to talk to us, but Jerry yelled at him to leave us alone. We entered through a metal detector and up some stairs to the waiting room.

We waited for hours in a cramped room with about 30 other women. One woman sat next to me and declared loudly to her friend, “I already have one son. That’s enough.” It made me sad to think how callous these people were – workers and patients alike. I wanted so badly for some “crazed, lunatic Christians” to storm the doors and rescue me. But they didn’t come.

I went into an office for a pregnancy test, and they confirmed that I was pregnant. A nurse told me it could be a tubal pregnancy, which would kill me, and how, because I was so young, I could die giving birth if I carried to term. I learned later that these statements were not true. I think this was a scare tactic, so I would have an abortion…

I expected the doctor to be a nice person who would take pity on me. I asked if it would hurt and he said, “It’s gonna hurt a lot more if you go through labor!” As he spoke, he didn’t look directly at me, and he seemed irritated.

I felt like I didn’t have a choice. My boyfriend wasn’t going to let me leave until I went through with it.…

My baby’s life ended that overcast April day.”

Barbara Horak Real Abortion Stories: The Hurting and the Healing (El Paso, Texas: Strive for the Best Publishing, 2007) 25

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she waited for some lunatic christians to save her

Sadly, no one helped this teen, and she came to deeply regret her abortion. Her wish for “lunatic Christians” to help her went unheeded. There was no screening at the clinic, and no one stopped to find out if this was what she really wanted. In fact, the clinic worker tried to scare her into having the abortion, and the doctor was rude.

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