Father explains why he aborted his baby with Down syndrome

A man named Richard explains why he and his wife Natalie decided to abort their son when they found out the baby had down syndrome:

“Both of us are in jobs that are a lot more than jobs. They’re things that we do because we believe in the work. All those things would have been affected by a life of caring for a Down’s child.”

Reflecting on the abortion, Richard said:

“I think if it had been some years earlier, when amniocentesis wasn’t available, and we had had a Down child come to term…we would have done our best to raise the child and give it all the love we could. I think we could have done a good job of raising a Down child. But we had a choice. One of the good things and one of the terrifying things about technology is that it gives you that kind of choice.”

Although he and his wife had the abortion because they did not want taking care of the baby to interfere with their jobs, he was sad when he saw the lifeless body of his son after the abortion.

According to the author of the article:

“[After the abortion] Richard asked to see the baby….Alone in an empty room with his dead baby boy, Richard wept. He was still overcome when he returned to Natalie’s room. “It was stunning to me because I’ve known him for a long time and I’ve never seen him cry,” Natalie said.”

Kate Maloy and Maggie Jones Patterson Birth or Abortion? Private Struggles in a Political World (New York: Plenum Press, 1992)

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