Dr. Jerome Lejeune: life begins at fertilzation

In March 1990, Dr. Jerome Lejeune, one of the world’s leading geneticists, testified before the Canadian Legislative Committee studying Bill C-43, An act Respecting Abortion. Dr. Lejeune told the Parliamentary Committee:

“We know, beyond any possible, doubt, that when the sperm enters the ovum all the information required to make a human being…is present. We also know, with the same degree of certainty, that no subsequent genetic information, after fertilization is passed on to a human being.

This is neither the opinion of a moralist nor the hypothesis of a metaphysician, it is a very specific observation made in the course of experiment. If it were not true that all the information required to define each human being is present at fertilization, In-Vitro Fertilization would not be possible. If a human being did not exist at fertilization, it would be impossible for a sperm to enter an ovum in a test tube and for the embryo that may result to be transferred to a woman who is not the biological mother. In other words, the fact that In-Vitro Fertilization exists proves, beyond a doubt, that human life begins at fertilization.”

“ABORTION A Briefing Book For Canadian Legislators” Campaign Life Coalition NATIONAL PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE July 2002

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