Counseling for adoption in abortion clinics

Dr. Shirley Bond, an anesthetist who works in an abortion clinic, writes about the lack of counseling for adoption in the abortion clinic where she works.

“I think the counseling for adoption is abysmal – it’s virtually nonexistent. Sometimes adoption is raised all right, but in such a negative way – “I don’t suppose you want it adopted”, kind of thing. Or “Have you thought about adoption?” And that is adoption counselling.”

Most of the pregnancy counselling, Dr. Bond points out, is “done by people who are very pro-abortion. Basically, it’s geared to pro-abortion. I don’t think there are enough people around who know about adoption, so women are put off the whole procedure….I just think the whole climate about adoption is wrong in this country. It’s negative….

Adoption is not fashionable. Abortion is fashionable. You can sit and have a cup of tea with someone who will say they have had an abortion and no one thinks anything of it. But if a woman says she has placed her child for adoption, people are shocked. “What a terrible thing to do!” is the attitude.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 88-89

counseling for adoption

16 weeks. if a woman pregnant with this baby came to a clinic, she would get no adoption counseling

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