College student commits suicide after abortion

Pro-life author Teri Stanon told the following story:

“A desperate father came into a woman’s clinic seeking answers about his daughter’s suicide. This young college girl’s parents were utterly devastated when they were notified by the school that their daughter had taken her own life. They could find no logical reason why she would find herself in a place of such utter desperation. Their daughter was mature, well grounded, and responsible. They assumed she was enjoying college life. Her grades were good and she had many friends. Dad just needed answers. After the funeral, he visited the campus and talked to his daughter’s friends. To his dismay, he discovered that his daughter had gotten pregnant. Apparently, feeling that she had no other options, she had an abortion, only to discover that the abortion didn’t end her problem. It was only the beginning of guilt heavier than she could bear.”

Teri Stanon Two Minus One: Our Abortion Story (Meadville, PA: Christian faith Publishing, Inc., 2016) 57

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Sarah Terzo is a freelance writer and journalist who works for Live Action. She is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Consistent Life.
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