Brain of aborted baby registers pain after 20 weeks

Doctor Paul Ranalli, a neurologist at the University of Toronto, says:

24 weeks

24 weeks

“[C]areful anatomical studies reveal, in fact, that the ascending pain fibers reach the cortex by 20 weeks. They then ‘sit’ briefly, for a few days to a few weeks, before making their final push upward to establish their ultimate connections (synapses) with the surface grey matter neurons that register a conscious awareness of pain. Allowing some room for individual variability, the brain of an unborn child will begin to register pain impulses just after 20 weeks with ever-increasing amounts of pain reception reaching millions of surface cortical neurons between 20 and 24 weeks.”

“The emerging reality of fetal pain in late abortions” National Right to Life News September, 2000, p. 14

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