Aborted baby born alive at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on a baby born alive during a botched abortion in July of 1974:

“July 1974. West Penn Hospital, Pittsburgh: Dr. Leonard Laufe performed an abortion on a woman who contended she had been raped- though that and her account of when she became pregnant were later disputed. She had been turned down for an abortion at another hospital, where the term of her pregnancy was estimated at 26 to 31 weeks. Laufe put it at 20 to 22. The abortion, induced by injection of prostaglandin, a substance that stimulates muscle contraction and delivery of the fetus, was filmed for use as an instructional film. The film showed the three-pound infant moving and gasping. Also, a nurse and a medical student testified that they had notice signs of life. No charges were filed, however, after a coroner’s inquest at which Laufe testified that the infant sustained fatal damage during delivery.”

“Abortion: The Dreaded Complication” by Liz Jeffries and Rick Edmonds, Philadelphia Inquirer Aug 2, 1982

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