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Sarah Terzo is a freelance writer and journalist who works for Live Action. She is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Consistent Life.

Obstetrical nurse comments on ultrasounds

An obstetrical nurse who recorded videos of preborn babies in the womb on ultrasound, speaks about the babies she recorded: “These kids will be able to watch themselves in the womb! It could have a huge impact on abortions. Even at … Continue reading

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Pro-choice activist blames pro-lifer for tripping

A pro-choice activist writes about how much she hates pro-life people. She says: “Abortion is Murder” his sign said. I was looking at that sign and thinking about the real murders that happened recently at abortion clinics when I stepped … Continue reading

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Pro-choice writer explains why she would have aborted a baby with Down syndrome

Pro-choice writer Ruth Marcus writes the following in the Washington Post: “This is a difficult subject to discuss because there are so many parents who have — and cherish — a child with Down syndrome. Many people with Down syndrome live … Continue reading

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Pro-choicer: killing a fetus doesn’t make abortion wrong

Pro-choice author Rene Denfeld says: “Recently, however, pro-choice supporters have realized that proving the fetus is alive and that abortion kills it does not prove that abortion is wrong.” Rene Denfeld “Forward” in Leslie Cannold The Abortion Myth (Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan … Continue reading

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Former abortion worker: abortionists talked badly about patients

Former abortion worker Annette Lancaster says the following about abortionists in her clinic: “Physicians often talked badly about patients while performing procedures on them. Sometimes physicians would not use the proper amount of sedation. They would tell the patient they … Continue reading

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Woman filled with grief after her boyfriend pressures her into an abortion

A postabortion woman told the following story:   “I got an abortion on March 4, 2017. I knew I didn’t want one, I knew it was wrong, and I knew it was a mistake. I’m 21 and a senior in … Continue reading

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New pro-lifer: the pictures opened my eyes

A woman who saw pictures of aborted babies on the Priests for Life website now opposes abortion. She says: “I always thought I couldn’t really have an opinion about someone else having an abortion, as I never knew their circumstances… I … Continue reading

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Abortionist compares abortion to war, other forms of killing

Pro-choice activist Judith Arcana, who has done abortions, says: “I think abortion belongs in the same context as assisted suicide, euthanasia, even war and domestic self-defense – all situations that require the taking of life with moral, ethical knowledge and acceptance … Continue reading

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Pro-life activists document horrific conditions in closed abortion facility

Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue describes an abortion facility that her group purchased. When they entered the building, they discovered that conditions inside were filthy. She describes below: “I was working with Operation Rescue when it purchased an NAF approved … Continue reading

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Pro-life sidewalk counselors save 76 babies at Fargo clinic

A pro-choice author documented the following: “Antiabortion activist Robyn Robertson reported that sidewalk counselors who picketed in front of Fargo’s abortion clinic persuaded 76 women to continue their pregnancies just in the first eight months of 1984.” This was revealed … Continue reading

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