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Sarah Terzo is a freelance writer and journalist who works for Live Action. She is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Consistent Life.

Former abortion worker: overweight women were charged more

From Shelley Guillory, who worked in an abortion facility called Delta Women’s Clinic.  “The one thing I found about our clinic that was humiliating and dehumanizing was that if a larger woman came in, she was charged an additional $150 to … Continue reading

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Pro-Choice demonstrators make their children wear “I’m a Choice” pins

Pro-Choice lawyer Sarah Weddington, who argued the Roe Vs. Wade case before the Supreme Court, writes about a pro-abortion demonstration she went to. It was called the March for Women’s Lives She recalls: “I remember various images from that day… A man … Continue reading

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Woman aborts “person” with disabilities

Joanna Kaufmann, who had an abortion when she learned her child would be severely disabled, said: “It was already kicking inside me and was a person I felt I knew. But the disabilities which we were warned about left no … Continue reading

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Director of National Abortion Federation: Abortion is profitable

Uta Landy, then executive director of the National Abortion Federation, said: “Abortion certainly is profitable…Making money is not a bad thing.” Scott Kraft “The Business is Abortion: And It’s a Big Business” Observer-Reporter January 18, 1983 Share on Facebook

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Pro-Choice feminist Naomi Wolf on pro-lifers

In an interview pro-choice author Naomi Wolf admitted that she had “been raised all her life” to “demonize” pro-lifers. She says: “I have to reckon with the fact that many of the people I’ve heard from on that side [pro-life] of … Continue reading

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Abortionist experiences feelings of remorse

In a book on abortion counseling, one British abortionist said: “I occasionally feel pangs of remorse and have to remind myself of the consequences of the woman’s continuing with the pregnancy.” Joanna Brien, Ida Fairbairn Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling (London: … Continue reading

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Parents call baby with Down syndrome the “greatest joy of our lives”

The parents of a child with Down Syndrome shared the following: “Three years ago we had a child with Down syndrome, a closed esophagus and leukemia. After months of heartache, long hours at the hospital, not to mention unpaid bills, … Continue reading

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Man unprepared for impact of partner’s abortion

A man named Charles whose partner had an abortion says: “I knew what was going to happen wasn’t really up to me. So it was obviously one of the most powerless moments of my life — by a longshot. And feeling powerless … Continue reading

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Post-Abortion woman: No one told me the truth

From one postabortion woman: “Not just one, but two children were ripped from my womb within a year of each other. Oh, they were not called children back then. Instead, they were called “blobs of tissue not yet formed,” according … Continue reading

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Abortion doula encourages 14 year old girl having abortion

An abortion doula, who encourages women while they have abortions, recalls talking to a girl about to have an abortion: “Another patient asks, “Do you think I’m too young for an abortion?” I tell her no; I think she’s making … Continue reading

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