Doctor: ultrasound revealed baby in womb to be “active little creature”

Dr. Michael R Harrison on ultrasound:

“The fetus could not be taken seriously as long as he remained a medical recluse in an opaque womb; and it was not until the last half of this century that the prying eye of the ultrasound rendered the once opaque womb transparent, stripping the veil of mystery from the dark inner sanctum, and letting the light of scientific observation fall on the shy and secretive fetus….Sonography can accurately delineate normal and abnormal fetal anatomy with astounding detail. It can produce not only static images of the intact fetus, but real time “live” moving pictures… The sonographic voyeur, spying on the unwary fetus finds him or her a surprisingly active creature, and not at all the passive parasite we had imagined.”

Michael R Harrison “Unborn: Historical Perspectives of the Fetus As Patient” Pharos (Winter 1982): 19 – 24

7 weeks

7 weeks

10 weeks

10 weeks


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