Abortion was like going to the dentist

From a woman who had an abortion:

“It was so easy to arrange. It was so quick and efficient that it was very easy to turn off from the fact that you were having an abortion. It was probably less painful and less anxiety making than a trip to the dentist. And in a way, almost because of the ease and the quickness, and the fact that it was accepted as right and proper and your own personal choice – you could kind of go on automatic pilot about it. It was only later that I got to thinking about how I had taken this decision.”

She recalls what she did when she found out she was pregnant:

“So I thought I’d phone up several of these abortion clinics which advertise in the Village Voice and elsewhere. You really get a choice in New York. If you ask around. If you ask someone about such and such a one they’ll say, “Oh, this one, Midtown, on the east side, very plush, 6 inch pile carpets, fresh cut flowers and everything” and I thought, oh God, I can’t be doing with that. So I went to this place on 13th St. and Park.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 174-175

Pieces left behind after an abortion at 10 weeks

Pieces left behind after an abortion at 10 weeks

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