Abortion Visual Aids, Graphs and Charts

States with Restrictions on Post-Viability Abortions

reasons states permit third trimester abortions


restrictions on post-viability abortions

It should be noted that even in states where abortion is banned in the third trimester, loopholes in the law often allow these abortions to be performed anyway. Doe V Bolton, a companion case to Roe V Wade, mandated that a woman can’t be denied a third trimester abortion if her health is endangered by the pregnancy. It then went on, however, to define health broadly to include mental and emotional health. Therefore, all woman has to do to have a third trimester abortion is convince the abortionist that her mental or emotional health would be affected by the pregnancy. However, it is significant that many states have no laws on the books at all.

parental involvement and consent laws

This graph is of parental notification laws throughout the country.

The next few graphs are about public opinion in the abortion issue.

support for various pro-life laws

chart on when in pregnancy abortions are acceptable to people


chart on opinions of partial-birth abortions

chart of opinions on abortion


chart on the abortion pill, RU-48

pro-life versus pro-choice, public opinion

In 2009, the pro-life community gained a majority in America for the first time since Roe versus Wade.

Here are some statistics on teen pregnancy:

chart on teen pregnancy, now and in the past

graph of teen pregnancy rate

graph of the abortion rate

when in pregnancy abortions are performed

the following graph shows how having health insurance affects the abortion rate.

here are some charts on Planned Parenthood:

Number of Planned Parenthood Abortions

Planned Parenthood – abortions versus adoptions

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