Abortion puts great strain on a relationship, says postabortion man

From a man whose partner had an abortion:

“An abortion puts a great strain on a relationship, largely by throwing into question its true nature and thereby administering the shock of disillusionment to one or both parties.… I have been involved in 3 abortion “situations.” In the 3rd one in particular, I was shocked by her failure to tell me of the situation at the time… But I was even more shocked by the great sense of relief I felt at having been saved from becoming the father of her child and thereby tied to her by a lasting bond. This appeared to me a revelation of my true feelings towards her, which were considerably less positive than I had supposed.”

Miriam Claire The Abortion Dilemma: Personal Views on a Public Issue (New York: Insight Books, 1995) 98 – 99

9-10 weeks. Legal to abort in every US state

9-10 weeks. Legal to abort in every US state

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