Horoscope tells woman to abort, she does

A woman who was characterized as “brilliant” and a college professor had an abortion because her astrologer. She aborted because of a horoscope. Mary Kenny recounts:

“Another curious case was that of a brilliant woman academic head of a department at a provincial university who was in her 30s and having an affair with an artist – a moody, melancholic yet pleasing man, married, though not very happily. She… became pregnant. She was at the same time very pleased and very sad. She would have greatly liked to have had the child, but she thought the relationship impossible. So she took herself off to an astrologist and had her horoscope cast. The astrologist was disturbed at what he saw in her future, and warned her to try and avoid an event which might happen “about eight or nine months from now.” That clinched it: she knew it was a sign that she must have an abortion. So she did. Some eight months later her lover committed suicide. So it may not have been the birth of the child, but the suicide of the man, that the astrologist had presumably foreseen. The woman was, naturally, very distressed, though she stood by her decision, and felt the suicide of her lover would have been a bad omen for the child anyway. Later, she became obsessively keen to have a child and even considered artificial insemination by donor (AID), though, up to the time of writing (some five years after the original abortion) without success.

What is significant about this case is that it shows how a highly intellectual and rational person can use what some would consider a quirky and superstitious method to help her make a decision about abortion.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986)  56 – 57

It is sad that this woman chose to kill her baby because of a horoscope. This anecdote shows that even a woman who is well-educated and presumably intelligent can make a decision to abort her child based on faulty reasoning. She seems to regret her abortion and desires another child, possibly to replace the one she has lost.


Most abortions are done on babies that look like this, and are over seven weeks of age

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