Abortion doula: Women feel they have no choice

An abortion doula, who comforts women during their abortions, says that many poor women feel they have no choice but to get abortions. Their life circumstances force them into abortions they might not really want. They are not empowered by their “choices” but feel trapped and think they have no other options.

“For many low-income women, getting an abortion can feel like the only option. A doula tells me a story about a woman who wanted to continue the pregnancy but had lost her job, run through all her savings, and was living in a homeless shelter. “I can deal with this, but I’d never do it to a baby,” she said. Patients talk about how impossible it is to find jobs, child care, a safe place to live, health care.”

Alex Ronan “My Year As an Abortion DoulaThe Cut SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

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