Women don’t want to return to abortion clinics – don’t want postabortion counseling

Author Mary Kenny, who visited abortion clinics and witnessed abortions, discusses the idea of post abortion counseling at Marie Stopes and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which are abortion chains in England:

 “They have considered post-abortion therapy at Stopes, but cannot see how it could be done practically. The BPAS  says that after exhaustive efforts to offer post-abortion counselling, there was little demand for it.

For many women, an abortion is something to put behind them and forget. But even if they do want to reflect upon the experience afterwards, it is possible that they would wish to do so in a different context, and with different people. Returning to the scene of the operation might not be an altogether attractive proposition. Women are instructed to return for a physical check-up six week afterwards, and many opt out of that.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 152

Abortion is so traumatic that most women don’t want to return to the “scene of the crime.”


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