40% of Catholic priests disagree with Vatican on abortion

Writer Ruth Dixon-Mueller comments on study of abortion and Catholic priests:

“A survey of Catholic priests in New York State found that nearly 4 of every 10 said that they disagreed with or had doubts about the Church’s teaching on abortion. Such doubts and disagreement were more common among younger priests. Even among those who agreed fully with the Church’s position, however, a substantial number believed that laws permitting at least some abortions are legitimate.”

Ruth Dixon-Mueller, PhD; Paul KB Dagg, M.D. Abortion & Common Sense (Xilbris Corporation, 2002)

Study cited: Survey results reported by Frank J Traina in Studies in Family Planning (Frank J Traina “Catholic clergy on abortion: preliminary findings of the New York State survey” Family Planning Perspectives 6 (3), 151 – 156

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