10% of 1.3 million women experience psychological problems with abortion

Pro-life author Maria Gallagher quotes researcher Priscilla Coleman:

A researcher at Bowling Green State University, Priscilla Coleman, told the Toledo Blade that approximately 10 percent of women who undergo abortions experience psychological problems as a result.

Coleman says:

“It’s that 10 percent with a common procedure that just keeps nudging at me. I think that’s a group we really need to look at more closely. Ten percent of 1.3 million women. [the number of women who abort every year] How could we ignore that? If it was any other medical procedure it would get more attention.”

From the author:

Coleman has co-authored a study which compares psychiatric hospitalizations of women who abort versus women who give birth. The data for the study, which was published in Canada’s most well-respected medical journal, came from California’s Medicaid program, MediCal.

The study showed that women who had had abortions were much more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric illness during the four years after pregnancy

Maria Gallagher “Abortion Advocates Discount Emotional Problems After Abortion” LifeNews.com January 27, 2004

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