Woman apologizes to aborted baby

From a woman who had an abortion:

The waiting room was “filled with a true cross-section of the community. No one looked happy. No one was chatting with anyone but their partners. This was not a day to make friends.”

The woman says:

“I tried to concentrate on the physical feelings, not on what was happening. It was over in minutes, and I was overcome with sadness. “I’m so sorry I didn’t want you,” I told the fetus. “I’m so sorry.”

Faith Abbott “A Tale of Two Women” Human Life Review Spring 1993

sonogram of 8 week old preborn baby

sonogram of 8 week old preborn baby

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Post-Abortion woman: “My sorrow was immeasurable”

From a woman who had an abortion:

“My sorrow was immeasurable, penetrating every fiber of my being. I was wracked with sobs, heaving aching sobs, for an hour… After that day I spent 3 months plunged in total emotional darkness – the depths of anguish, anger, and despair. I cried by day and by night for my lost baby. I wanted my child so desperately and could hardly come to terms with the fact that I had been directly responsible for my own child’s death.”


Daily Mail, December 7, 1989

Quoted in Jenny Bryan Abortion (East Sussex, England: Wayland Publishers Limited, 1991) 44

Read more testimonies from post-abortion women

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Pro-Choice activist on why young people don’t join the movement

Serena Cruz, a pro-abortion activist in Boca Raton, FL, explains why she thinks most young people don’t join the pro-choice movement or fight for legal abortion:

“People of my generation are very consumed with self-interest. [Many people in their 20s] don’t read the newspaper or watch decent news on TV. They don’t know who represents them. They’re really materialistic and into consumerism. It’s not a conscious thing, but it’s out there.”

Victor Green “NOW Aims to Revitalize Energize Movement in S. Florida” Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service April 5, 2002

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Ambulance driver shocked by miscarried child

A pro-life author wrote about an ambulance driver who saw a miscarriage:

“I spoke with one person, a trained ambulance attendant for many years and mother of 5, who had witnessed a woman having a miscarriage in early pregnancy. She was astonished at the humanness of the perfectly formed child, but 4 or 5 inches long, which she held in her hand. “I couldn’t believe it,” she said to me, “the tiny arms and legs, all the veins beneath the skin…” She, like a surprising many, had thought a child at that stage was more of a blob or an indistinct mass of tissue.”

Lori Van Winden The Case Against Abortion (Liguori, Missouri: Liguori Publications, 1988) 128

Baby miscarried at 14 weeks

Baby miscarried at 14 weeks

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Pro-Choice woman: my abortions left me bitter and angry

From a woman who had two abortions, who says she is pro-choice, but:

“Why then did both my abortions leave me bitter and angry in ways I could not, at the time, understand or explain… For me there seemed to be a contradiction between everything I had ever read or thought about abortion and the lived experience, an enormous gap between the impassioned rhetoric of the political and moral arguments for and against abortion, and the bloody reality of one scared woman screaming on a table.”

K Kaufmann, Test Tube Women, 1984

Quoted in Jenny Bryan Abortion (East Sussex, England: Wayland Publishers Limited, 1991) 43

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Father of aborted child: we have no rights

“As the law stands we have no rights. Our babies can be killed and I’m told we can’t arrange decent burial. We can’t even prevent the fetus from being used for medical experiments.”

Peter Marshall, father of the child aborted against his wishes

News of the World December 31, 1989

Quoted in Jenny Bryan Abortion (East Sussex, England: Wayland Publishers Limited, 1991) 23

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Social worker: I give credit to women who have 4 abortions


8 weeks. Most abortions are done around this time.

From one social worker:

“Sometimes people who have 3 or 4 or 5 abortions are failing in every other area of their lives in terms of being victimized. And they’re taking such responsibility in making these decisions – where they don’t feel they have control in any other area – to have an abortion… I give these women a lot of credit… And it doesn’t matter how many times a woman has had an abortion, it only matters in her own eyes and her own value system. The last thing women who are having more than one abortion need is to feel judged… In some cases [they] are doing a great job making decisions when they don’t feel much control in other parts of their lives.”

Patricia Lunneborg Abortion: A Positive Decision (Westport, Connecticut: Bergen & Garvey, 1992)

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Foetus is “living human being” but still ok to kill, says professor

8sacFrom pro-abortion, pro-infanticide professor Peter Singer:

“Yes, we can say, the foetus is a living human being, but that alone is not sufficient to show that it is wrong to end its life. After all, why- in the absence of religious beliefs about being made in the image of God, or having an immortal soul- should mere membership of the species Homo sapiens be crucial to whether the life of a being may or may not be taken?”

Peter Singer, Spectator, Sept 16, 1995

Quoted in Tamara A. Roleff Abortion: Opposing Viewpoints (San Diego, CA: Greenhaven Press, 1997) 28

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Social worker: hiding post-abortion trauma is unfair

Social worker Ava Torre–Bueno, on women’s depression and mental health problems after abortion:

“What you hear in the [pro-choice] movement is “Let’s not make noise about this” and “Most women are fine, I’m sure you will be too.” And that is unfair.”

Emily Bazelon “Is There a Postabortion Syndrome? Inside the Next Fight over Roe V Wade” The New York Times Magazine January 21, 2007

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Abortion made life “an empty and isolated journey”

From Karen, on her abortion:

“It was the easy solution, right? It was the quick fix to get back to normal life. Little did I know that decision to abort my baby would result in my life becoming an empty and isolated journey for the next 32 years, preventing me from developing any type of healthy self-worth or future meaningful relationships, personally or professionally.”

Debby Efurd Go Tell It (Franklin, Tennessee: Clovercroft Publishing, 2015) 94

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