Aborted in Chicago: 1st Trimester

These babies were aborted in Chicago, at Michigan Avenue Medical Center, 30 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, February-April 1987 (Clinic now closed.)  They were recovered from a dumpster there. Monica Miller took the pictures.  They are buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Evergreen Park, IL, May 1987.

7 weeks

7 weeks


7 weeks


8 Weeks

8sac 8weekbluebackground1

8 weeks 2

8 weeks

12 weeks


12 weeks 3


Abortion Pictures
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12 weeks 2

12 weeks 4

12 weeks 5

12 weeks 6

12 weeks 7

12 weeks 8

12 weeks

12 wek twins

12 wks 2

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Abortion Video

This video, produced by Abort73, shows the remains of abortions. The majority of these babies, callously called fetuses by pro-choicers, were killed in the first trimester.  Only the last baby in the video was aborted in the second trimester.

Abortions like the ones in this video are legal in every state in the US up until 20 weeks and in some states all the way up until birth. Even in states that prohibit late abortions, the Supreme Court Case Doe v Bolton set up a legal technicality that can allow later abortions to be performed.

Why are abortions done?

Here are the statistics:

from 1980 to 2000 –99.31% of abortions annually were for non-therapeutic reasons

5460 were for health of mother — that is .36%

3640 were for fetal defects — that is .24%

1,506,770 are for social cases- that is 99.31%

Although exact statistics on the numbers of more recent abortions are not available, the rate is most likely the same.  99.31% is a good ballpark figure.

Marybeth T. Hagan  “Abortion: a Mother’s Plea for Maternity and the Unborn” (Liguori, Missouri: Triumph 2005)

Less than 1% of all abortions are done for rape or incest so….

98,31% of all abortions are done because the mother does not want the baby and does not want to put him or her up for adoption.

Do these statistics surprise you? Do you believe abortion should be legal? Express yourself in the comments section below.

Abortion Pictures
Have you ever seen pictures/videos of aborted babies before?

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Facts and PIctures On Abortion at 4 or 5 weeks

At 4-5 weeks, abortion can be done either by pill or by suction aspiration. You can learn more about abortions by pill here. This page deals with abortions by surgery. Abortions by suction are the usual type of surgical procedure at this time in pregnancy. They are done by first dilating a woman’s cervix , then injecting anesthetic into a woman’s vagina with a needle, then inserting a suction cannula and sucking out the embryo and placenta. then the uterus is scraped to remove any leftover material. Abortion providers call these the “products of conception.” The suction cannula either pulls apart the developing embryo or sucks it out whole, and it dies in the bottle of blood from the abortion.

The risks of an abortion at 4-5 weeks are the same as the risks of an abortion done later in the first trimester.

– Infection

— Damage to the cervix which can lead to later miscarriage

___ Scar tissue in the womb which can prevent a future pregnancy from implanting

—- perforation (cutting) of the uterine wall or cervix which may be mild or severe

—- Depression or guilt stemming from the abortion

See info from studies on abortion’s physical risks and psychological  risks here.

An ultrasound is recommended to check whether you have a potentially fatal condition called an ectopic pregnancy. In this type of pregnancy, the baby forms in the fallopian tubes. If you have this condition and you have an abortion, the embryo won’t be removed. Instead, the embryo will continue developing in the tube, which will eventually rupture. This can cause fatal hemorrhaging.

The only way to rule out an ectopic pregnancy is through an ultrasound. If the abortion clinic you call does not provide ultrasounds before their abortions, consider going elsewhere. One place we you can get a free ultrasound is a crisis pregnancy center. Remember, if the abortion clinic does do ultrasounds before abortion, the clinic will charge you, whereas an ultrasound at a crisis pregnancy center is free. You can locate a center here.

These centers are staffed by volunteers who deal with women who have difficult pregnancies and are considering abortion. Some centers, such as CareNet, (US) are religiously affiliated. Birthright centers (international) are not. Either type of center will give you information about abortion either by pill or by surgery, information you may not get in the abortion clinic. Keep in mind that abortion clinics are only in existence because they sell abortions. Even if the staff there is well-meaning, they can only stay in business if they make enough profit. At Planned Parenthood, abortion accounts for one third of their annual income. Freestanding abortion clinics depend on selling abortions in order to stay open. Their doctors and managers get a high salary from abortions. In a way, going to an abortion clinic for advice is like asking a Subaro dealer if you should buy a Subaro or a Ford. Most likely, they will present abortion in a positive light. Sometimes it’s best to get as many perspectives as you can, which is why go to a crisis pregnancy center can be a good option to consider. Crisis pregnancy centers are staffed by volunteers. All of their services are free.  They are charities that depend on donations from supporters, not money from those who go there. Therefore, they have no financial interest in the decision you make. Some pro-choice activists have said that pregnancy centers are set up to dissuade women from having abortions. This  is only partly true. The women at these clinics are volunteers and some of them do have an anti-abortion mindset. Yet they will respect your decision. Going to a pregnancy centers does not mean you can’t have an abortion later. No one can prevent you from having an abortion if you choose to do so.

The embryo 

This is a picture of an embryo at 5 weeks

5 weeks

It is just beginning to take on a human form.


Below is a picture of an embryo at 4 weeks. You can see the developing spine.

Lennart-Nilsson-4 weeks

Here is some information about how developed these embryos are.  This fetal development timeline traces the growth of an embryo from conception onwards.

Day 20 (less than one month): Foundations of the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system are already established

Day 21: The heart begins to beat

Day 28 (4 weeks old) The back bone and muscles are forming. Arms, legs, eyes and ears have begun to show.

Day 30: At 1 month (4 weeks) old , the embryo is 10,000 times larger than the original fertilized egg – and developing rapidly. The heart is pumping increasing quantities of blood through the circulatory system. The placenta forms a unique barrier that keeps the mother’s blood separate while allowing food and oxygen to pass through to the embryo.

Day 35 (5 weeks):5 Fingers can be discerned on the hand. The eyes darken as pigment is produced.

Day 40 (end of 5th week): Brain waves can be detected and recorded

3 weeks

Just because the baby does not look fully human does not mean that it isn’t one. As a matter of fact, referring to the embryo as “it” is inaccurate- sex is determined at conception. Therefore an embryo is already male or female. he or she may not look like a full term baby, but neither does a full term baby look like an adult. As we go through life, our appearance changes.

The decision to have an abortion is ultimately up to you. But keep in mind that abortion destroys a life that has already begun. It stops a heart from beating. It destroys a developing body, the body of the baby. And it can be damaging to your life and health. Even though deaths from surgical abortions this early are extremely rare, an infection can still be serious. Abortions by pill have caused over 14 deaths in the US alone.

Below is a picture of anesthesia being injected after dilation of the cervix. The woman’s legs are blurred out.


if you are pregnant and would like to talk, email me here sarath5775@gmail.com

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Interview with an ultrasound technician

Seven weeks

Seven weeks

“There was a time before ultrasound that we didn’t realize that movement happened before 16 – 17 weeks. But now with ultrasound you can see that little seven week baby moving, just slight movement, and it’s the first movement of life. But by the time that baby is nine weeks, 10 weeks old, it’s utilizing the whole uterine cavity and you’ll see the babies waving in the womb, and flipping and sucking their thumbs, and what happens then, when I can introduce that ultrasound to the woman, even when she’s considering abortion, we have found that over 80 to 90% will choose to carry that baby to term, just from seeing the baby on the ultrasound.”

Shari Richard, Ultrasound technician on “Time for hope” Christian television show, Dr. Freda Crews, Host, taped September 2010

Richard does not offer any studies to back up the 80 – 90% statistic. Available studies vary on how effective ultrasounds are in dissuading women from aborting. However there are many, many anecdotal stories of women who have seen an ultrasound of their baby and changed their minds about the abortion they were planning.

Richard then said:

“You know, I personally suffered the pain and the grief and the complications related to abortion when I was 18 years old, and I had complications, long-term complications, that developed into a molar pregnancy, where my uterus ruptured, turned into cancer, the doctor told me I couldn’t have children. Then I went into ultrasound school and I saw the blobs of tissue that I thought I aborted were babies, now babies I couldn’t have, and when I would do ultrasounds on women, they told me to turn the monitors away from women considering abortion and I said, I can’t do this, because I was lied to, and I was suffering the grief and pain.”

Richard describes how the babies she sees on ultrasound seem to have their own personalities even before birth:

And these ultrasound babies are so cute because now, the window to the womb is open and you can’t deny that this is a little baby that has personality, that’s jumping, that’s moving.”

“You know it’s interesting, because I see more babies in the womb that outside, I know their personalities. I know what they do in that large, warm swimming pool. I can tell when they’re sleeping and when they’re waking up.”

Here is a video of the show where this interview took place:

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97% of women say their abortions were painful

97% percent of aborting women in one Montreal study reported pain, with 61% reporting moderate to severe pain. Adolescents in the Montreal study were nearly twice as likely to report severe pain as older women.

Source: E. Belanger, “Pain of the first trimester abortion: a study of psychosocial and medical predictors,” Pain, Volume 36, Number 3 (March 1989), pp 339-350. For an earlier study with similar results, see Phillip G. Stubblefield, et al, “Pain of first-trimester abortion: Its quanification and relation with other variables,” American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vol 133., No. 5 (March 1, 1979), p. 489.

Info provided by National Right to Life

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Abortionist claims he gives “care and comfort” – but not medical treatment – to babies born alive during abortions

“We provide care and comfort until they expire.”

Akron abortionist, Rein Siiner, describing what his clinic does when a baby is born alive during an abortion procedure

He said this while testifying in a court case about the partial-birth abortion ban in front of Judge Walter Rice of the Ohio legislature.

In his testimony, he said that he had twice witnessed babies born alive during abortions.

“Testimony Graphic As Dayton Trial on Abortion Ban Begins” Ohio Plain Dealer January 10, 2001

From SaynSumthn’s Blog

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Former clinic worker describes aborting baby

Former clinic worker Zlata blogs about her time in the abortion industry:

20 week old unborn baby

20 week old unborn baby

I remember assisting, once in particular, in the operating room at the clinic where I had been a medical assistant for six years. I was standing behind the doctor and could see everything as he was performing an abortion on a woman who was 20 – 22 weeks pregnant.

Late term abortions were usually a two-day process. On the second day the actual abortion was performed. The doctor first removed the laminaria and was then able to reach in with forceps to pull the baby out piece by piece. This procedure is very hard to do and requires a good deal of strength on the part of the doctor.

On that particular day, from my position I was able to see him extracting perfectly formed little arms, legs, toes, fingers, spine and finally the head.

I could see the baby’s face. I don’t know how to describe what I felt at that moment. I realized that we just killed a human being. But at the same time I thought: it is legal, so it must be all right. But my whole being was just screaming against what I just saw. I felt death. I was ashamed and confused as I was staring at the bloody parts of the baby. I can even say I felt the presence of the devil. It was very disturbing. My mind was so blinded by the darkness in it I was unable to do anything.

21 week sonogram

21 week sonogram

Sometimes I think about that day and feel that I should have run away, or tried to stop this madness. What were we doing, as medical professionals, as human beings? What happened to our hearts? Where was our compassion?

If this baby had been born prematurely at 20 – 22 weeks it would have had a chance to live. I thought, “People, think about what are you doing. What am I doing?” Think about the consequences of this abortion. Imagine this is you. Imagine you are in the most secure place you could be, in your mother’s womb. You have no idea how cruelly your life will end, how you will be torn to pieces. We betray our children. We interrupt their precious lives so abruptly, so unexpectedly. You think abortion brings relief, but instead it brings emptiness, shame, pain, regret, feelings of death. For six years abortion was the way I put bread on my table. For six years it was my life…

16 weeks

This is only the beginning of my story. My heart is burning more and more to tell everyone the truth. You are going to be hearing from me many, many times. I pray that God, the only God that we all have will open your hearts and give you wisdom and passion to stand up and speak up! WAKE UP, WORLD! WAKE UP!!!

Source: Population Research Institute Review” September/October 2008

Note: Although this testimony only talks about late-term abortion, earlier abortions are often just is gruesome. See pictures of what an abortion looks like at only nine weeks after conception.

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Clinic worker comments on lack of pre-abortion counseling

An abortion clinic worker describes how some clinics don’t offer any pre-abortion counseling to pregnant women:

“I actually took the counseling portion of the program for granted until I learned that some very compassionate, professional clinics don’t offer counseling to their clients. It could be a trick to save time (clients always complain about how long the process takes) or minimize cost (we ARE in a recession), and it could simply be what has worked and continues to work for individual clinics.”

“What I hear you saying is…” The Abortioneers Dec 30, 2010 Found here

It is sad to think that some women go to a clinic and get no guidance to make such a weighty and important decision. The clinic worker doesn’t mention it, but another reason to save time is that if women are rushed through their abortions quickly, more women can be scheduled and the clinic can make more money.

Should women abort a child like this without being counseled on their options first?

Should women abort a child like this without being counseled on their options first?

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Allegedly, clinic workers held woman down and did abortion against her will

The blog JivinJehosaphat quotes from an article on ABC (now unavailable) about a young woman who claims she was forcibly held down and forced to have an abortion after she changed her mind,

The information comes from Caitlin Bruce’s lawsuit against abortionist Abraham Alberto Hodari. (who years later lost his licence for malpractice) She was 18 years old and 6 weeks pregnant when she went for her abortion. 

From the article:

“I was nervous and I really didn’t have the moral support I needed. And I just didn’t know what to do,” Bruce said.

Bruce says she wrestled with her decision in the waiting room.

“They started the ultrasound. The lady turned the ultrasound toward me and said, ‘This is your baby. This is the heart flicker,’” Bruce said.

Bruce says that’s when she changed her mind. But she claims Dr. Abraham Hodari did the procedure anyway.

“He told his assistant, ‘Hold her down.’ They had my arm pinned,” Bruce said….

“My client acted properly under the circumstance. This was an abortion that was consented to,” said Steve Weiss, Hodari’s attorney.

“When the patient first expressed misgivings about it, it was too far along for Dr. Hodari to stop.”

View blog post here. 

6 week unborn baby

6 week unborn baby

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Planned Parenthood worker: I talked to my unborn baby and “made peace” with him/her before aborting

A Planned Parenthood worker who got pregnant and chose to have an abortion said the following:

“I felt this entity within me, flooding me with immense strength and love… While pregnant, there was also the feeling that I was never alone. I spent a lot of time lying on my bed with my hand on my belly letting the buzz of contentment vibrate through me….

I am selfish and I know it. I want to travel the world and be a perpetual student. I know that, from my perspective, having a child would mean giving up many of my dreams, and until I am as joyful about the prospect of becoming a parent as I am about my other pursuits, I can’t give a child what he/she deserves. But the pregnancy helped me see why others would choose parenthood. My pregnancy experience struck a very basic primal chord within me, and I was amazed by the creation occurring within me. .…

Having an abortion is not always traumatic. If you can get beyond societal shame and expectation, you might find a message just waiting to be discovered. I never turned away from the fact that I would be ending a potential life. Facing and accepting this was the most important thing I could’ve done to prepare myself for my abortion. This might sound strange to some, but I actually talked with the being inside of me. I made peace with it. I knew that there was a reason for this pregnancy and it wasn’t about becoming a mother.”

Rochelle Moser “The Necessary Evil?” in Krista Jacob Our Choices, Our Lives: Unapologetic Writings on Abortion (Lincoln, Nebraska: iUniverse, 2002 – 2004) 105 – 107

Remains of an abortion at ten weeks. Did she make peace with her baby only to do this to her?

Remains of an abortion at ten weeks. Did she make peace with her baby only to do this to her?

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