Turn the ultrasound screen away from abortion patient, says doctor

17 week 3d sonogram

17 week 3d sonogram

“A compassionate and sensitive sonographer should remember to turn the screen away from the plane of view [of the patient]. Staff too may find themselves increasingly disturbed by the repeated visual impact of an aspect of their work that they need to partially deny in order to continue to function optimally and to concentrate on the needs of the women who come to them for help.”

Transcript excerpts from a talk entitled “Abortion Update” (talk no. 1065), given by Dr. Sally Faith Dorfman, director of Family Planning, Development, and Research at Albert Einstein Medical College in New York, at the American Public Health Conference, November 18, 1985, in Washington, D.C. Recorded by Robert G. Marshall, director of research, Castello Institute.

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Pro-choicer: don’t debate with pro-lifers, they are like Nazis.

“Along with most other pro-choice groups, we do not engage in debates with the anti-choice … Simply put, the right to abortion is not a debatable issue. Access to legal, safe abortion is a fundamental human right, one that should be safeguarded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Would you have a debate on whether people have the right to freedom of religion? Or the right to equal protection under the law? Or the right not to be held in slavery or servitude? … Would a Jew debate a Nazi? “

Joyce Arthur of the Pro-Choice Action Network.

“Why Pro-Choice Supporters Do Not Debate the Anti-Choice.” Quoted in “To Debate or Not to Debate.” The Caleb Report [Life Decisions, Inc.], July-August 1999, pages 3 and 4.

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How abortionists were viewed by the medical community

A pro-choice author talks about how abortionists have been viewed in the medical community:

One doctor practicing in the 1950s described how his doctor father taught him that “abortionists had the same social status as a child molester or rapist.” His father’s message was echoed by his teachers in medical school, who stressed that the doctors didn’t do immoral things like abortion. This man, who admitted he had no contact with abortion or abortion practitioners in the criminal era, had easily internalized the lessons:

“I had strong opinions about the scum of the earth – abortionists.… I was taught that abortion was not only illegal but immoral, and that no self-respecting doctor who considered herself a part of the medical community would perform an abortion… Abortionists were “bums,” “murderers,” real “lowlifes,” and very inept physicians who could not make a living any other way. They were objects of contempt and scorn.”

Rickie Solinger Beggars and Choosers (New York: Hill and Wang, 2001)  48 – 49

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A physician performing a D&E must crush the fetus’s skull

18 weeks. Candidate for this type of abortion

18 weeks. Candidate for this type of abortion

From an editorial on abortion doctor’s emotional response to a D&E (dismemberment) abortion:

“[A] physician performing a D&E must deal with the second trimester foetus in an intimate, physical way…ossified parts, such as the skull, must be crushed. The bone fragments must be extracted carefully to avoid tearing the cervix. Reconstruction of the fetal sections after removal from the uterus is necessary to ensure completeness of the abortion procedure. “

“Emotional Impact of D&E vs. Instillation,” Family Planning Perspectives 1977

From Abortion: A Briefing for Canadian Legislators . National Public Affairs Office, Campaign Life Coalition  Suite 100, 1355 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3C2


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Pro-choice activist condemns Planned Parenthood for demanding high cash contributions

A pro-choice activist complained about how Planned Parenthood discounted volunteers like her and pressured its supporters for money. She explains why she will no longer volunteer at PP:

“I have been volunteering for Planned Parenthood for the past three years. … I cannot afford to attend $85 luncheons, let alone write a $250 check. The core volunteer group that I work with has similar motivations – we love Planned Parenthood, but sometimes it feels like our contributions are completely overlooked, especially when we constantly get emails from PPFA asking for more and more money.

My problem doesn’t just reside with Planned Parenthood. Every nonprofit that I have ever worked for, either as a volunteer or a staff member, seems to discount the donor who can only afford to give $5 or $10. Volunteer hours are never calculated in terms of their economic value to the organization. And staff who already contribute to the organization by working long hours for very little pay are also disrespected when they are hit up for money by the development officers. When you’re only making $27,000 a year, how in the hell are you supposed to afford spending $250 a month in financial contributions to your employer?

Here’s the scoop: if PPFA didn’t spend so much money on fancy pink posters and snazzy T-shirts, they might not need to shake the money tree so often….

My tenure as a Planned Parenthood volunteer is rapidly coming to a close.”

How effective is corporate feminism?” Abortion Gang Nov 21 2011


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Women in the pro-life movement outnumber men; centers helping women outnumber political ones

When commenting on the misconception that most prolife advocates were males and that the pro-life movement was anti-women,  Dr. and Mrs. John C. Willke  said (in their book):

“We heard the same argument again and again. We did not care about women. But look what was out there! We would soon have 4000 pregnancy help centers in the United States compared to 3000 Right to Life groups. So we had more offices dedicated to helping women than to stopping abortion.

And who staffed them? Well the typical pregnancy help center was 98% female. Yes they might have a male treasurer, and even now and then they would let a man do something else. But it was a woman’s world. Or look at a Right to Life group. Of our 25 members on the board of Cincinnati Right to Life, three fourths were women. Jack represented Ohio on the board of National Right to Life, where three fourths of the delegates were women. Anywhere in the country you went it was the same. If you looked at the pregnancy centers and Right to Life offices combined, you saw that 80% of the activists of the pro-life movement were female. And a majority of the hours expended went toward helping women.”

Dr. and Mrs. John C. Willke Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement: An Inside View (West Conshohocken, PA: Infinity Publishing, 2014) 44

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Former Clinic Worker: Charjuana Hogan

Charjuana Hogan worked at Planned Parenthood for 4 years. When she started her job, she was not working with abortions. Her title was reproductive health assistant, and she took care of patients who came in for birth control. The Planned Parenthood branch in Riverside, California, was divided into 2 sections – the surgical side, and the reproductive health side, where everything else was done.

She says:

“I was offered a pay that I have never been offered before, and I looked forward to going to work every day.”

Hogan says that she was never taught the health risks of abortion or even details of the abortion procedure.

According to the article at Live Action, the reality of abortion processes was shielded from most staffers, and only little information was provided when inquired.

“They want you to look like you are helping women out. When they send you for training, they give you justification into why women get abortions.”

The Live Action article said that abortion was always presented to the workers in the most positive terms. Workers were continuously told that they were helping women.

9 to 10 week unborn baby

9 to 10 week unborn baby

Hogan watched staffers pieced together the bodies of aborted babies, from 5 to 19 weeks, and saw hands and feet, fingers and toes.

“The parts were brought to the lab that the reproductive health and abortion side shared, and the remains were placed into a red biohazard trash bag like it was nothing. It kind of made me sad a little bit when I saw it.

I would just go out of the room, and it would be on my mind at some time and I would shake it off. Since I was still working there, I wanted to be blind….

We had training often on different types of things. I was disturbed after watching a Planned Parenthood training video of women coming in for an abortion. The video said they felt relaxed, and that Planned Parenthood made [the patient] feel comfortable and happy. It was a perception of deception – like some happy product in a store, it popped right out at me.”

Hogan was upset by the number of young girls (14 to 15 years old) who would come for secret abortions during school hours:

10 weeks

10 weeks

 “Most patients were young and they didn’t want their parents to know. A lot of the girls that came in there were very uneducated in a lot of things. Working in the front desk, I would think, ‘Why aren’t these young girls at school? If they can’t even fill out this paperwork, what are they doing having sex?’”

She was also troubled by women who came for abortions again and again, essentially using them for birth control. And of course, late-term abortions:

24 weeks

24 weeks

 “Women come in at 24 weeks, and I would see them come in that far along. Even if you are deceived about when it becomes a life, you for sure know it’s a life – your stomach is poking way out there.”

A pro-life protester talked to Hogan about religion, and she ended up believing in Jesus and making a new start in life, which led to her quitting the abortion business. She says:

 “My message and my dream would be for women to be educated – what is being done to them – and that would make a change. If they know what’s being done to them and when life begins, then there would be a change.”

To find out more about the reason she left the clinic, read the original article

Becky Yeh “Woman quits Planned Parenthood, shares abortion horrors” Live Action MAR 18, 2015

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Counselor talks about postabortion women

 “Each post-abortive woman is unique, … but most women no matter the degree of acknowledgement live with the deep secret that she has had an abortion. She will judge herself, feeling guilty, ashamed, measure how people treat her by her view of herself, hating what she did and believing she doesn’t deserve a future or there will be a payback time for the decision she made.”

Margaret Cuthill, a post-abortion counselor

Hilary White, “Abortion can kick-start ‘vicious cycle’ of repeat pregnancies, abortions: UK expert,” 6/4/12

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On converting from pro-choice to pro-life

Abortion activist Kristen Walker Hatten, who converted from pro-choice to pro-life:

 “I am pro-life because of information. I was pro-choice because of lack of information.”

Kristen Walker Hatten, “Why I Will Never Go Back to Being Pro-Choice on Abortion,” LifeNews 11/16/12.

You can find a lot of information on this webpage.

Information about abortion’s risks (physical and psychological)

Pictures of aborted babies

Quotes from abortionists

Medical textbooks saying that life begins at conception

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Pro-choice hate mail attacks rape victims

The following disgusting piece of hate mail was received by Carolyn Gargaro, who has a pro-life webpage. The writer of the letter says terrible things about rape victims who carry their babies to term. It’s attitudes like this that push rape victims into abortions they may not really want. Judgemental “pro-choice” people condemning rape victims for having their babies devalues all women, not just rape victims.Warning: Very offensive language

Any women who would choose to have a kid from rape is a dirty stinky slut. Some women out their love that rough sex. No nice girl would choose to have a child from such immoral sickness. My men friends and women friends, when ever we hear of a girl who claims oh she was raped and she thinks she is so innocent and she wants to give birth from the so called rape, we laugh and say what a stinky slut. Your promoting immorality this is not what God want’s. Your wrong about pro choice movement not wanting women to give life. What we are saying is if you want to have children have them. Some people need an abortion because of rape and such. You don’t want to be a stinky slut and choose to have a kid from what you claim is so horrible as rape. If it is so horrible than how could you choose to give birth. My boyfrien says these girls who do this should be put in jail for raping the guy. I know you won’t want to read this because you preach things backwards. You don’t know about the true moral way. Moral values are any thing you want them to be.

This lovely piece of correspondence can be found here. 

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