Clinic director angered by Precious Feet pins

Carol Everett, former owner of two abortion clinics and directer of four, on the Precious Feet pins prolifers wear:

feet pin

“You know those little feet pins? Those things used to irritate me to death when I was in the abortion business. I couldn’t stand them. In the grocery line, a girl of about 16 was wearing the feet. That just about drove me crazy because, of course, she was shining the truth on me. I didn’t understand that then, but I hated them.”

Judy Madsen Johnson Stories from the Frontlines: the Battle against Abortion (2014) 55

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Clinic worker took drugs to cope with working at abortion clinic

One abortion clinic worker took drugs to be able to function:

“I took drugs to wake up in the morning. I took speed while I was at work. And I smoked marijuana, drank lots of alcohol. . . .  [T]his is the way that I coped with what I did. It was horrible to work there, and there was no good in it.”

Nita Whitten, a former abortion clinic worker

Mary Meehan, “The Ex-Abortionists: Why They Quit,” Human Life Review 26:2–3 (Spring-Summer 2000), 19

The clinic worker took drugs because she had to see babies like the one below torn apart on a daily basis.

first trimester

first trimester

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Altruism motivates abortionists, says doctor

An abortionist claims that altruism motivates abortionists:

“Altruism is the driving force that motivates doctors who perform abortions….”

Dr. David Grimes of the University of California at San Francisco. Grimes is an abortionist.

Richard John Neuhaus “A Word on “The Competition” First Things June/July 1993


babies aborted at 10 weeks

baby aborted at 10 weeks

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Clinic worker describes women’s decisions

From a clinic worker:

“To some of these women, it is and can be a hard decision, and to others, it is not a hard decision because they’re certainly sure about the decision, just feeling that it is something that just has to be done, or they just can’t deal with the fact that they’re pregnant. As you know, there are women that get very emotional, and because of their choice, many don’t. You have some that will change their mind right before the procedure, and they do have the right to change their mind cause this is their decision. These types of patients are here because of their emotions. On the other hand, you have those who have their minds already made up what they want to do. They won’t even think twice about it and will go ahead and go through with having the procedure because they feel that this is something that they have to do; it’s their only way out of the situation that they’ve gotten themselves into.”

Tonya P From behind Closed Doors: “Abortions” (Xlibris, 2013) 18-19

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Family Planning organizations tell women to lie, put their health at risk

“At the Dundalk office of the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA), a client was told she could lie to her doctor about having had an abortion, advice that could put a woman’s life at risk, Professor Sam Coulter Smith, the master of Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital, has warned.

He said he was aware of cases where women have died because they did not tell their doctors they’d had a termination….

At two Dublin branches of the IFPA in Tallaght and Cathal Brugha Street, women were also told they could conceal their abortions from doctors.

The same advice was given by a HSE employee at Ballinasloe Crisis Pregnancy Support Service in Galway.

In response, Dr Simon Mills, a barrister and medical doctor, said: “It is definitely reckless and probably negligent advice to tell a woman to conceal from doctors something that may be a vital part of her medical history.

“This is especially the case if she presented unwell in the immediate aftermath of a termination and felt that she shouldn’t tell her doctor about it when it could be the key piece of information to deliver prompt and life-saving treatment….-

At Dundalk IFPA, a woman was told: “Now when you go for medical attention they have no way of knowing that you have had an abortion. You need to say that you had a miscarriage. They will know you were pregnant but you need to say that you had a miscarriage.”

Gemma O’Doherty “Revealed: the abortion advice that could put lives at risk” Independent Irish News 27/10/2012

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Abortion clinic admin: I was young and inexperienced

From Merle Hoffman, former owner/administrator of an abortion clinic (she is still pro-abortion):

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to run the clinic efficiently unless my staff took me seriously, and since I had no physical area I could use to enforce professional boundaries, I had to firmly demonstrate that even though I was young and inexperienced, I was in charge. But some of them made it clear that they resented my position in the medical hierarchy, their lack of respect palpable with every interaction. They weren’t going to accept my authority so easily.”

Merle Hoffman Intimate Wars: the Life and Times of the Woman Who Brought Abortion from the Back Alley to the Board Room (New York: Feminist Press, 2012) 65

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Clinic owner: abortion is a sacrament

From an interview with then abortion clinic owner Patricia Baird-Windle:

Q: You owned and operated a clinic that performed abortions for more than 20 years. Yet in the early ’80s you said, “I’m not pro-abortion. I know no one who is pro- abortion.” That seems to be a contradictory statement.

Preborn baby at 14 weeks. Is it "love" to kill him by dismemberment?

Preborn baby at 14 weeks. Is it “love” to kill him by dismemberment?

BAIRD-WlNDLE: I no longer feel that way. I am now pro-abortion. I’ve come a long, long way….

I now consider abortion to be a major blessing, and to be a sacrament in the hands of women….

At the very crucible of the sacrament of abortion work is the sentence in a letter written to me by a woman when I retired, and that is some women have an abortion out of love for the baby.

Pam Platt  “A Radical Bows Out:  Abortion provider Patricia Baird-Windle reflects on her career, her choices” FLORIDA TODAY  Reprinted in The Forerunner August 29, 1999

See what abortion does to babies, and ask yourself if abortions are done for love.

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Tummy Tuck was her reason for late term abortion

Operation Rescue published stories by sidewalk counselors about women who went into the late Dr. Tiller’s clinic to have late–term abortions. One pregnant woman had an abortion because she wanted a tummy tuck:

“One such story was about a healthy woman, with whom sidewalk counselors had spoken, who came to Tiller’s to abort a healthy baby so as not to ruin her “tummy tuck.” That woman went through with her abortion in Wichita despite having no risk of suffering a “substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function” [which was the given criteria for a late term abortion in Kansas]. Women were getting late-term abortions of viable babies on a regular basis for appallingly frivolous reasons. Tiller and his staff were thumbing their noses at Kansas law.”

Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger Abortion Free (New York: WND Books, 2014) 97

Pre-born baby – 24 weeks

Pre-born baby – 24 weeks

See what late term abortion looks like. 

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Abortion clinic worker enraged by pro-life signs

Seeing a prolife sign left an abortion clinic worker enraged:

“As counselors we are cynical and joke about the protesters amongst ourselves, but we do not want the patient upset, so it ends there. At home is a different story. If I see something, a protester, or a Choose Life license plate, it takes everything in my power to not run the person off the road. It makes me so angry and aggressive. It’s become my cause so I take it extremely personal. I get mad when I see people being so callous and judgmental. I was driving home from a road trip vacation a few weeks ago when I passed a very religious part of the state. There were antiabortion signs along the Turnpike for at least an hour, one after another. I became enraged!”

Rachel B Needle, Lenore EA Walker Abortion Counseling: A Clinician’s Guide to Psychology, Legislation, Politics, and Competency (New York: New York: Springer Publishing Company, 2008) 163


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Clinic worker: Abortion = love and a sacred right?

From an abortion clinic worker:

Abortion is utmost motherhood—a woman transpiring her valued comfort zone to preserve the destiny of her offspring. Abortion is life and death. A code of honor. A sacred rite.

Abortion is love.

Everyday is Mother’s Day at the abortion clinic The Abortioneers May 13, 2010

Below: Example of this “sacred right” at 8 weeks


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