Pregnant woman enjoys her “fetus shower”; A prolife rebuttal

The following is from a letter to the editor from the Washington Post. The writer is responding to another letter which criticized the Washington Post for using the term “baby” instead of “fetus” in a story about fetal surgery to correct health problems and unborn babies.

Kerry Haslam of Alexandria says:

I understand his indignation. While I was pregnant, I searched desperately at the store for the section of clothes for women accommodating a parasitic womb inhabitant. Oddly, I found only the “maternity” section.

Other events during my pregnancy were puzzling as well – when the doctor found the heartbeat, I convinced myself that it was simply a mass of tissue beating in a rhythmic fashion.

One night, while I was resting on the couch, a little foot-like impression appeared on my belly, from the inside out. I dismissed that; it simply had to be intestinal.

My friends and I enjoyed cupcakes and tea for my “fetus shower”; what a joyous occasion.

Goodness, all during the pregnancy, I just loved my little ba-, I mean, fetus.

“The correct term is indeed ‘babies’ WP Opinions February 18, 2011 found here. 


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Abortion nurse: I tried to “detach myself”

Shelley Mehigan, 42, is a clinical nurse who has specialised in family planning for 18 years. She says that watching abortions was hard at first, but she became hardened:

The longer I work in this area, the easier it becomes for me to cope with the issues.

I’ve taken part in some terminations, but I try to detach myself so I don’t feel so bad.

 Ann Barrowclough “ABORTION; THIS IS WHAT OUR NURSES REALLY THINK…” Sunday Mirror (London, England)  Aug 18, 1996

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Princeton professor supports abortion and infanticide

“[T]he location of the baby inside or outside the womb cannot make such a crucial moral difference” and that to be consistent, there are only two possibilities, namely, “oppose abortion, or allow infanticide.”

Princeton professor Peter Singer, who supports both abortion and infanticide.

Peter Singer and Helga Kuhse “On Letting Handicapped Infants Die” The Right Thing to Do, James Rachels, Editor (New York: Random House, 1989) 146

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Clinic owner decides not to tell women if they’re pregnant with twins

Abortion clinic owner Norma Goldberger:

“One doctor told a patient she had aborted twins and she replied that had she of known she would’ve continued the pregnancy. My clinic coordinator at the time said to me, “That makes no sense. She didn’t want one but when she found out there were two she wanted them?” We elected not to tell patients after that on the basis that the information would not be helpful.”

Norma Goldberger Abortion Confidential: Secrets of an Abortion Clinic Owner (CreateSpace , November 23, 2014) Kindle Edition

Or they could’ve told the women before their abortions, when clinic workers saw the twins on the ultrasound.

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Woman describes feeling “like she was a conveyor belt” at abortion clinic

The Sunday Telegraph describes one woman’s abortion:

“Lucy, who was a receptionist, blames the abortion clinic for failing to give her proper guidance. “You feel like you are on a conveyor belt,” says Lucy. It was one she was unable to get off of.”

“The Pregnant Pause” Sunday Telegraph August 28th 2011


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Prochoicer: we are more compassionate than prolifers

A pro-choice woman who had 2 abortions said the following:

“We must go on with our heads held high. During the April ’89 March for Women’s Lives, I felt real strong, real sure in my beliefs, I felt wonderful. I looked at those anti people and they were missing the point, they were ignorant, they were not as compassionate as we were, as human, they were so blinded… Women have choices in life and women cannot keep bringing children into the world that are going to starve and be a drain on the system or turn them into alcoholics. It’s just not fair to the child…. Children are too special.”

Patricia Launneborg Abortion: A Positive Decision (New York: Bergin & Garvey, 1992) 63

Apparently, pro-lifers are not as compassionate as prochoicers because they want to protect women and children from abortion. according to this pro-choicer, babies deserve abortion because they are too “special” to be allowed to live if circumstances are less than perfect. I wonder if this child could talk, would be be grateful to the ‘compassionate” prochoiers who did this to him?

Baby "special" enough to be aborted at 10 weeks

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Abortionist on stigma

Dr. Nancy Stanwood,  abortionist:

There still persists to this day almost 40 years after Roe this perception that any doctor who would do abortions on a regular basis — not the casual, four patients once a year, but those who make it a part of their integrated practice — that they must be quacks or bad doctors. There’s this stigma of the abortionist that — two generations later — still looms large.

LOLA PELLEGRINO “Ask (Another) Abortion Provider: Roe vs. Wade, 39th Anniversary Commemorative Edition” The Hairpin JANUARY 23, 2012

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Prochoice radio commentator gets fetal development facts wrong

feet and toes at 7 week

feet and toes at 7 week

Pro-choice radio commentator Leonard Peikoff:

“During the first trimester [the embryo] is a mass of relatively undifferentiated cells that exist as part of a woman’s body. . . . It is not an independently existing, biologically formed organism, let alone a person….That which lives within the body of another can claim no right against its host. Rights belong only to individuals, . . . not to parts of an individual.”

Mary E. Williams. ed. Abortion: Opposing Viewpoints (San Diego, California: Greenhaven Press, 2002)  16

9-10 week preborn baby

9-10 week preborn baby

The first trimester child above has every organ he will ever develop including a brain, beating heart, lungs, stomach, and liver. And , if she were a girl, ovaries and a uterus of her own. See here.

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Catholics for Choice president: our position makes 50% of population “uncomfortable”

Frances Kissling, a longtime abortion-rights advocate and former president of Catholics for Choice.

“The established pro-choice position–which essentially is: abortion should be legal, a private matter between a woman and her doctor, with no restriction or regulation beyond what is absolutely necessary to protect the woman’s health–makes 50% of the population extremely uncomfortable and unwilling to associate with us,”

Kate Pickert “What Choice?” Newsweek Jan. 14, 2013

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Woman aborts baby because she and her partner still argue about dog walking

A woman who decided to have an abortion talks about how she and her partner weren’t ready for a child:

“Neither of us is anywhere near baby time right now. We argue over who will take the dog out some days, so I don’t think the diaper changing would go much better.”

The baby they aborted was six weeks old.

6 weeks

6 weeks

Kate Pickert “What Choice?” Newsweek Jan. 14, 2013


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