Baby aborted alive at 9 months in forced abortion in China

LifeSiteNews published this picture of an aborted baby from China.  The child was nine months along when he or she was aborted.  The baby was a victim of China’s forced abortion regime, the One Child Policy (which now allows couples to sometimes have two children, but definitely not more) .


From the LifeSiteNews article:

According to English reports regarding the original post, the pregnant mother was forcibly held down as she was given an injection to induce labor, after which the baby “even gave a cry when it came out,” but was left in a bucket to drown.

Kathleen Gilbert “Photo of baby aborted in China at 9 months in forced abortion circulates on Internet, sparks outrage” LifeSiteNews Apr 3, 2012

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Former Planned Parenthood board member: woman not informed of abortion’s side effects

La Verne Tolbert, a former Planned Parenthood-New York City board member, says that

“[Planned Parenthood clinics] do not present all of the options, side effects, or consequences of having an abortion; … she [the client] is assured that the ‘wart, cyst, or tissue,’ is easy to remove… Neither is she warned of the emotional or physical side effects of the procedure.”

Tolbert, La Verne. “The Soul of Planned Parenthood.” Destiny Magazine: August 1994, pp. 20-27

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Woman’s story of abortion loss: Nurse told said her baby was “not a real person”

6 weeks

6 weeks

One woman tells her abortion story in an article in America magazine.

During the next 18 years I never gave the abortion more than a moment’s thought. Hadn’t I made the phone call as soon as I thought I might be pregnant? Hadn’t the nurse at the clinic told me that at six weeks the fetus was a blob of muscle and tissue, not a real person yet? Isn’t the discussion on when life begins being argued in worldwide circles? Because I was so quick to act, the abortion had little effect on me-until I became sober.

It was then I knew I had done something terribly wrong. I couldn’t find a way to make amends for taking a life that God wanted in this world. There was a saying in my recovery group that if the program wasn’t working for you to look back on your life and find something you didn’t think important at the time. After almost two decades of prayer and meditation, living a good life and making amends for harms done, something was still wrong with me. I had a picture-perfect sobriety, yet all was not right. Could the quick abortion in January 1973 when I was 27 be what I thought wasn’t important? Well, maybe.

She confessed her sin three times, and a priest told her to go to a Rachel’s vineyard retreat (a postabortion ministry) 

If I were to speak to any woman thinking about an abortion, I would put my arm around her and tell her about my abrupt alienation from my husband, my alcoholism, my drug addiction, the period during which I hated the church I had earlier loved, the dark life of sin. Then I would urge her to choose life.

Kathleen, M. H. (2002, Nov 04). Meeting jane marie. America, 187, 17-18

Jane Marie was the name she gave her child


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Judge says partial birth abortion is no worse than other kind

illustration of a partial birth abortion

illustration of a partial birth abortion

Judge Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit, in ruling against the Partial Birth Abortion ban, makes this point:

“From the standpoint of the fetus, and, I should think, of any rational person, it makes no difference whether, when the skull is crushed, the fetus is entirely within the uterus or its feet are outside the uterus. Yet the position of the feet is the only difference between committing a felony and performing an act that the states concede is constitutionally privileged…. [T]here is no meaningful difference between the forbidden and the privileged practice. No reason of policy or morality that would allow the one would forbid the other.”

Richard John Neuhaus “So What’s the Big Deal about Partial-Birth Abortion” : First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion and Public Life June 2000. : 84.

Below is a diagram of a D&E abortion. This is the way most second trimester abortions are done today. Is it any more humane than a partial birth abortion?



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Former Clinic Worker: Sam Griggs

A pamphlet produced by Last Days Ministries entitled, “Abortion Clinics: An Inside Look” contained the testimonies of two former abortion facility workers. One worker who tells her story is Sam Griggs. She started work way back in 1979, but the story she tells is still relevant today. 

Here is her testimony:

When I was interviewed the doctor asked me if I had anything against abortions. I told him that I had never dealt with them and didn’t know very much about them. He said, “Well, you won’t have to work with them very much. We only do a few of them.” I had no idea just how many he was really doing and just how involved I was going to have to get.

The second week I was there, a 17-year-old girl came in for her third abortion. She was using it for birth control. I asked her, “How come you don’t use something else?” She said she didn’t like the other forms of birth control. She thought this was so convenient and it was free. Medicaid paid for it. She didn’t have to pay one penny. Nobody else said anything to her. They didn’t try to convince her to change her mind. She was on Medicaid and it was all getting paid for. It was at that point I realized just what was really going on.

There was a public health center in a town not far from Denver and they sent a lot of girls to us. They told us they did all the counseling. We weren’t allowed to counsel them or even ask them about birth control. We couldn’t even tell them what could happen during the abortion. Nothing. If we tried to discuss alternatives, we would get in trouble with the doctor because then the health center would threaten to send their business elsewhere. All we did was find out how far along they were, tell them when they were going to be finished, get their money, do the abortion, and send them home.

preborn baby's foot at twelve weeks

preborn baby’s foot at twelve weeks

14 weeks

14 weeks

One-half to two-thirds of this doctor’s practice ended up being abortions. We did several kinds there. We used suction up until 12 to 14 weeks. That’s just a big metal suction apparatus that’s inserted into the uterus and poked around until the fetus is all sucked out. After about 12 weeks the fetus would be too big. That’s when it got really messy.

In another type, we would dilate the cervix as big as we needed to, then go in with something like spaghetti tongs with an open spoon at one end. They would just grab parts of the baby and pull them off. The baby would bleed to death. They would get an arm or a leg and the nurse would have to count everything that came out to make sure they got it all. It was horrible.

We could do abortions in the office up to 16 weeks along, and we could do them in the hospital up to 22 weeks. But the doctor had his own sonogram machine, and if a baby was over 22 weeks he would just write down 22 weeks and do the abortion anyway. If we got a “screamer” in the office the doctor would just go nuts. He’d say, “Get her out of here. Get her in the back room.” That’s why we seldom did abortions in the middle of office hours. We did them before office hours, during lunch, or after hours because he didn’t want his obstetric patients to know.

22-24 weeks

22-24 weeks

I took care of a lot of the obstetric patients because he just didn’t want to deal with them. He could get more money in 10 minutes from one abortion than from a nine-month pregnancy. We did upwards of two dozen abortions a day.

12 weeks 3d sonogram

12 weeks 3d sonogram

I remember one time we did a girl that was 12 weeks along, and as little as that baby was, you could see on the sonogram it was sucking its thumb. Twenty minutes later it was in a bottle of formaldehyde all sucked up. We showed the girl the picture and we all laughed. We all got a kick out of it.

Right before I was born again, in August of 1979, we got a lady in that was 18 weeks along. We saved her until the very end of the day because she was so big. We knew she would bleed a lot and holler a lot – that it would just be a big mess and take a lot of time and effort. So, I had to go in and help one of the doctors, Lanny. Sometimes you have to hold the top of the uterus so the doctor can know that he’s getting to the back and getting it all. I could feel him in there scraping and pulling. She was bleeding and hollering… and arms were coming out, then the head. It was just horrible.

18 weeks

18 weeks

There was an LPN working with me that Saturday and we were trying to get the mess cleaned up. There was a big bucket at the end of the table to catch stuff. We had to take all the contents of that bucket, the fetus, and put it in formaldehyde. We couldn’t find a jar big enough so we ended up having to put it in different jars and label it. The LPN ended up going into the bathroom and vomiting. I was standing there at the sink crying my heart out. I said, “Lanny, my God, are we going to hell?” He was standing there sweating and shaking and said, “Well, if we are, honey, I’ll be there first waiting on you.”

Right after that, the next day, I went to a church in Denver and two weeks later I gave my life to the Lord. I quit the doctor’s office and went to work at the hospital next door. They did saline abortions but I refused to have anything to do with them. The Lord delivered me from it completely..

Right now there are people trying to decide when life begins. Abortion is destroying life – therefore it has to be murder. As long as the baby remains in the uterus it will be nourished. It will grow and be delivered at term. If you disrupt that in any way, knowingly and intentionally, you are killing a life.

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Planned Parenthood refuses to see woman who doesn’t want abortion

A woman named Ashley Rogers shared this story.

I called Planned Parenthood one day when I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to see if they could confirm that I was pregnant and to print a letter saying it was confirmed they said are you looking to have an abortion…. I said um no I just need to know if you guys could confirm if I am indeed pregnant or not… and they said we don’t do that here…

Planned Parenthood refused to help her unless she was seeking an abortion.

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Pres. of Australian Medical Association: abortion is “killing something”

7 weeks old embryo. Most abortions happen at this time or later

7 weeks old embryo. Most abortions happen at this time or later

“[A]t the end of the day, the truth is that when you perform an abortion you are killing something,”

Dr. David Molloy. then president of the Australian Medical Association

Ed Vitagliano “Murder? So What? Film Reveals Growing Callousness to Abortion” AFA Journal News November/December 2004


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Clinic worker told to lie about patient death

“We were told that if anybody asks what happened to say that it didn’t really happen, it’s just a lie that the protesters made up.”

What clinic worker Theresa Jensen Clinic Worker says she was instructed to tell patients after the death of a woman at the clinic. (A-Z Women’s Center)

20/20 A woman’s right, a woman’s risk 3-8-1999

Quoted by Life Dynamics


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Women talks about her abortion at 36 weeks

A woman who had an abortion at 36 weeks after a doctor told her the baby would not survive wrote about why she wanted them to do a partial birth abortion. A partial birth abortion is done by pulling the baby out of the mother’s body except for the head. Scissors are them jammed into the back of the baby’s skull and the brain suctioned out. Then the dead baby is removed.  It is very similar to the way Kermit Gosnell killed his babies but is done with the head inside a woman’s body. These abortions are now illegal.

final stage of a partial birth abortion

final stage of a partial birth abortion

 “It was important to us to have Abigail come out whole, for two reasons. We could hold her. Jon and Katie could say goodbye to their sister. I know in my heart that we have healed in a healthy way because we were able to see Abigail, cuddle her, kiss her. We took photos of her. Swaddled, she looks perfect, like my father, and Jon when he was born. Those pictures are some of my most cherished possessions. …

Almost six years have passed since we lost [killed- my addition] Abigail, and not a day passes that I don’t think of her. In my heart I know I did the right thing for me and my family. Isn’t that what this is all about?”[maybe it's also about the baby?]

Viki Wilson” Partial healing” Salon June 29,2000

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Pro-abortion writer admits life begins before birth

Pro-Abortion author Katie Roiphe admits that abortion kills a life, and people know it:

Preborn baby's toes at 7 weeks

Preborn baby’s toes at 7 weeks

“The idea that “life begins at birth” is useful politically, but as many have pointed out, in the age of sonograms, of cloudy little hands and feet coming into focus at nine weeks, how many people actually believe it?

Our language betrays our desire. A cluster of cells that is wanted is a “baby,” and one that is unwanted is a “fetus.” One never hears excited parents-to-be referring to the “fetus”; the leap of imagination from fetus to baby is so ordinary, so automatic, so universal that we cannot pretend, even in the realm of political expediency, that it is not so. We can’t try to argue that some clusters of cells are not “life” if we are, say, busy calling our own cluster of cells a baby….

Let’s imagine a scenario in which we admit that abortions may involve an obliteration of something that could legitimately be called life but that they are done to protect something that could also be called life. Planned Parenthood is, after all, in the business of protecting women’s lives, their futures, their ability to pursue education, to establish security, to have homes filled with future children, and their freedom to decide how best to use their short time on earth.”

Katie Roiphe “Good Riddance, “Pro-Choice” Slate JAN. 16 2013

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