Doctor: it’s “unethical”not to experiment on aborted babies

Today, it is illegal to perform experiments on living aborted babies in the US. The issue of fetal experimentation has faded into the background. But it wasn’t always that way. There was a time, shortly after Roe V Wade, when babies who survived abortion not only were allowed to die, they were sometimes experimented on until they died. And experimentation on living aborted babies is legal in some countries.

Dr. Jerald Gaull, then chief of pediatric research at New York State Institute for Basic Research in Mental Retardation on Staten Island, was quoted defending this practice:

“Rather than it being immoral to do what we are trying to do, it is immoral it is a terrible perversion of ethics to throw these fetuses in the incinerator as is usually done, rather than to get some useful information.”

“Operations on Live Fetuses.”San Francisco Chronicle, April 19, 1973, page 20.

The book the article was cited in gives the following information:

Dr.  Jerald Gaull, …was making  periodic trips  to Finland “to experiment on aborted but  still-living  fetuses.”   He severed the nerve connections between brain and body, then surgically removed   the  brain,  lungs,  liver  and  kidneys  for   study   and dissection.

Beyond Abortion, A Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation* by Suzanne M.  Rini, (Avon, NJ: Magnificat Press, 1988) pp.32

22 to 24 weeks – a baby capable of being born alive and experimented on

22 to 24 weeks – a baby capable of being born alive and experimented on

I encourage anyone who wants more information on this to read Rini’s book.


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Women give reasons to abort down syndrome babies

Rayna Rapp, a former abortion clinic worker, interviewed women getting genetic testing to find out if their babies would be disabled or have a genetic problem. Here are some things that people said about why they would abort a down syndrome baby:

“The bottom line is when my neighbor said to me: “Having a “tard,” that’s a bummer for life.”

“I have a cousin, my mother’s sister’s son, he’s retarded and 38. Oh, it isn’t Down’s, it’s something else. He’s done fine, he’s likely to live a normal life, to die at 80. But it’s really messed up the rest of the family. My aunt give up a lot of her life… I’m not that selfless, I don’t want to live like that.”

“I would have a very hard time dealing with a retarded child. Retardation is relative, it could be so negligible that the child is normal, or so severe that the child has nothing… All of the sharing things you want to do, the things you want to share with a child – that, to me, is the essence of being a father. There would be a big void that I would feel. I would feel grief, not having what I consider a normal family.”

“I have an image of how I want to interact with my child, and that’s not the kind of interaction I want, not the kind I could maintain.”


“I just couldn’t do it, couldn’t be that kind of mother who accepts everything, loves her kid no matter what. What about me? Maybe it’s selfish, I don’t know. But I just didn’t want all those problems in my life.”

Rayna Rapp Testing Women, Testing the Fetus: the Social Impact of Amniocentesis in America (New York: Routledge, 1999)

To some, they may seem like good reasons. But keep in mind that abortions of down syndrome babies are usually late-term abortions, performed after 16 to 20 weeks. Below is a picture of a 16-week-old unborn baby. A baby like this would be completely torn apart in an abortion procedure

16 weeks

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Clinic administrator: I had no conception that “life was sacred”

A "potential life" at eight weeks after conception

A “potential life” at eight weeks after conception

From clinic owner an administrator Merle Hoffman, on counseling women for their abortions:

“Choice” is sometimes not a choice at all. It is an outcome determined by the economic, physical, sociological, and political factors that surround women… At times this reality would move me profoundly as I sat opposite the women I counseled prior to their abortions, acutely aware of the potential lives growing inside them that would soon cease to exist. I began to think critically, to come to terms with what was going on. Each time I did that, I came out of that process more committed than before. I had no conception, either religious or philosophical, that “life was sacred.”

Merle Hoffman Intimate Wars: the Life and Times of the Woman Who Brought Abortion from the Back Alley to the Board Room (New York: Feminist Press, 2012) 108 – 109

She uses the term “potential life” to describe the unborn babies, but readily admits that she has no belief that life is sacred. Perhaps deep down she realizes that what happens in her clinic dozens of times a day is the taking of actual, not potential, human life. However, by thinking “critically” she can come to terms with this fact, or at least repress it.

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Woman aborts baby at home; Police describe “sad little face”

20 week old unborn baby, at the same age as the baby killed

20 week old unborn baby, at the same age as the baby McCormack killed

An article in The New Republic described how Jennie Linn McCormack aborted her late term unborn baby with pills she purchased online. She did not want to pay for an abortion in a clinic, which cost about $400 to $2,000, (depending on how far along she was) so she found cheaper drugs online. She delivered her dead aborted baby. The baby was fully developed and between 19 and 23 weeks.

She hid the body in a box but it eventually began to decay and attracted attention. According to Detective Brian McClure, who saw the dead baby:

“We see dead bodies, daily, weekly, in all different stages…But seeing a recognizable baby in a garbage bag, frozen, outside, in a garbage pile, decomposing ….”

Detective Val Wadsworth, a father of four, said:

“I wouldn’t wish anyone to that scene or investigation…We unwrapped it and released it to the funeral home, and the next day was the autopsy…When they had it thawed out and laying on the table, it was just sad. Sad feeling. Sad little pathetic face. It was just terrible.”

Jennie Linn McCormack “The Rise of DIO Abortions” The New Republic Dec 21, 2012

Abortions at five months are legal everywhere in the United States. Babies are regularly aborted at this age, often with the technique below, the D&E abortion.


Here are some ads from clinics advertising abortions at 20 weeks and beyond

ad 2

ad 1



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Prochoicer: our sympathy for unborn babies means nothing

20 week old unborn baby, Abortion is legal at this stage in most states.

20 week old unborn baby, Abortion is legal at this stage in most states.

A pro-choice writer shared the following argument against laws protecting babies from late-term abortions:

“We may, as many people do, sympathize with the pain we think the fetus feels, but we must be careful in saying that this sympathy establishes the personness of the fetus. It establishes nothing but our ability to sympathize.”

Michael Bettencourt “Case for Fetal Personhood a Dubious Conception” In These Times, September 20 – 26, 1989

This is an old quote, but it struck me as being particularly odious.


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Clinics have: “an abortion budget”

Legs of a baby at 10 weeks

Legs of a baby at 10 weeks

“[Abortion clinics] have an abortion budget and they have a certain number of patients that you have to perform abortions on every month, and there’s a dollar amount attached to each woman.”

Former clinic worker Carol Everett

Carol Everett was the director of 4 abortion clinics and the owner of 2. You can read her full testimony here.

Carol Everett, “Ex–Planned Parenthood Clinic Director and Former Abortion Clinic Owner Expose Business Of Abortion on Cross-Examined TV”

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Planned Parenthood refuses to help unless women choose abortion

Jeanie, a 40 Days for Life leader in Syracuse, New York, told of a woman who came out of a Planned Parenthood clinic in tears. Jeanie and the people praying with her were able to talk to her and found out that she had been kicked out of Planned Parenthood and denied a pregnancy test because she was not considering abortion. According to Jeanie:

“We offered her support and assisted her to the pregnancy care center next door.”

According to Jeanie, this was not an isolated incident:

“One couple we offered assistance to told us as they were leaving that Planned Parenthood would not even give them a pregnancy test if they were not planning to have an abortion,” she said, “and the couple said they had insurance.”

Volunteers also spoke to a mother and daughter on the sidewalk outside. “The daughter was pregnant and angry at Planned Parenthood for not being willing to provide any pregnancy care whatsoever if she didn’t plan on aborting the baby,” Jeanie said.

She simply needed help filling out insurance forms. They were directed instead to the pro-life pregnancy care center to get the assistance they needed.”

Shawn Carney “Planned Parenthood tells couple: no pregnancy test without abortion – 40 Days update” LifeSiteNews Nov 04, 2011

Planned Parenthood has been accused of pushing abortion in their clinics. The fact that they were completely unwilling to help women who did not want abortions but instead wanted help raising their children, or even just wanted a simple pregnancy test, shows their proabortion mentality. I hope that if any other pro-lifers outside Planned Parenthood’s have had a similar experience, they will come forward and share it.

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Gloria Feldt denies that many women suffer after abortions, but is that true?

Prominent pro-choice feminist Gloria Feldt wrote a book defending abortion where she claimed that (postabortion syndrome” or “PAS”) was a myth and that most women feel nothing but relief and happiness after their abortions. She denied that women suffer from emotional distress after their abortions, and maintained that abortion is a positive event in women’s lives. As she says in the following quote:

“… Websites abound with “help” for women suffering from this imaginary syndrome, and the inventors of PAS have pushed for legislation requiring that women be (mis)informed about its risks during mandatory pre-abortion counseling sessions… Women who experienced psychiatric symptoms such as depression reported having those symptoms before the procedure – the abortion itself did not contribute to their symptoms. None of this is meant to suggest that abortion is a decision to be taken lightly, but the reports of PTSD, flashbacks, depression, and suicidal tendencies are wildly exaggerated. Instead, researchers have found:

  • For most women, the process of choosing abortion represents a maturing experience, a successful coping with a personal crisis.…

  • 98% of women who have abortions say they have no regrets and would make the same choice again under similar circumstances.”

Gloria Feldt The War on Choice: The Right-Wing Attack on Women’s Rights and How to Fight Back (New York: Bantam Dell, 2004) 154 – 155

Of course, no reference is given for the 98% statistic. In reality, these websites are visited by many thousands of women every year. There would not be so many groups for postabortion women if there were not a need for them. Silent No More, which is only one of many postabortion support organizations, has over 2000 postabortion testimonies in its database, all from women who regret their choice. And that’s only the women who allowed the page to share their testimonies; the ones who allowed themselves to go public about their abortion and their healing. Anyone who does a Google search for “after abortion stories” will find many many sites that have stories of regret and only one (that I know of) that highlights positive abortion experiences. Thousands and thousands of women go on retreats every year to help them cope with regret after their abortions – these retreats would not be necessary if women did not regret their abortions.

In addition, studies have shown that women who have abortions have a higher rate of psychiatric hospitalizations, suicide, and depression. Multiple studies have shown this. Pro-choicers do not like to accept the reality that many women regret their abortions. Their attitude, that women should be happy after their abortions, is a real barrier that prevents pro-choice women from getting healing from abortion regret.

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Genetic counselors and sex selection abortions

Rayna Rapp interviewed counselors at genetic clinics, where women came to have their babies tested for disabilities including Down syndrome. The counselors then discussed with the women whether or not they would have abortions. Many of the women who came in aborted when they found out that their babies would have a genetic disease or handicap. Some, however, had the tests not to determine whether the baby would be disabled, but to determine whether or not the baby was of the desired sex. According to Rapp:

 “Along the same lines, every counselor deplored abortion of a healthy fetus for reasons of sex selection, but all could tell the stories of the once or twice in their careers when someone had chosen termination because their healthy fetus was the “wrong sex.” And usually, the wrong sex was the female sex. Such fetal “feticide” makes feminist theorists and activists justifiably very angry and pessimistic. Counselors are very troubled by their collusion with such drastic actions, but also express the discipline imposed by their nondirective stance. After all, most reason, a “woman’s right to choose” extends to deciding to abort for whatever cause she finds meaningful, and this one denotes profound problems in her life should she produce an extra daughter instead of a much desired son. Counselors perceive this problem to be particularly burdensome for Chinese and Indian women, who come from groups in which sons are more highly valued. In these communities, there have been public discussions of the uses of sex selection to produce them… Despite their own ethical beliefs, most counselors provide counseling services even when they know that a diagnosis is being sought for sex selection reasons.”

Rayna Rapp Testing Women, Testing the Fetus: the Social Impact of Amniocentesis in America (New York: Routledge, 1999) 94

Note: the baby below with 16 weeks along. At the time this book was written, and ultrasound could only detect the sex of the baby at 18 to 20 weeks. All of these abortions that were done to kill female babies were done late-term.

16 weeks

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Former clinic worker: cocaine and other drug use rampant at abortion clinic

From former clinic worker Norma McCorvey, who was also the plaintiff in Roe versus Wade and is now pro-life:

“To cope with what everyone intuitively knew were inhumane conditions, cocaine became a favorite pastime. At A-Z… [The abortion clinic that Norma McCorvey worked at first, eventually shut down] drugs became a major tool to keep the peace. Drugs got us through the day, and when memories kept us awake, drugs helped us get to sleep. When we couldn’t bear the thought of going back for another day’s worth of work, drugs got us out of bed.

We even used drugs with patients. Many times a young woman might say, “I’m not so sure I want to do this.”

If the patient was holding things up, we knew just what to do. “Here, honey,” we’d say, offering some cocaine. “Have a little hit of this. You’ll be fine.”

Our offer was not always accepted, but when it was, it worked wonders.”

Norma McCorvey Won by Love (Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997) 122

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