Abortion clinic admin: We have 0 support from medical community

“It’s just so difficult to provide abortions for patients here when there’s zero support from the medical community.”

Michelle Collins, administrator of The Springfield Health Care Center abortion clinic

Medical News Today, Springfield, Mo., Abortion Clinic Closes After Implementation of New Missouri Law: 10-27-2005

From Life Dynamics

Apparently, abortion is still not a popular discipline among doctors. Read more about this here. 

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Late term abortionist criticized pro-choice movement.

From a prochoice blogger:

“I had a fairly long phone conversation with Dr. Hern (Colorado [late term] abortionist) today which was really interesting. He had a number of criticisms not only of the Democratic Party (which you’ve read about if you’re a reader here), but also of the pro-choice movement in general. …. He expressed concern that doctors are not included in the movement as much as he believes they should be. He was annoyed that the pro-choice movement doesn’t support him as much as he thinks they should. It was just very interesting to hear a doctor, who has a permanent, serious threat against his life for his work, criticize the very movement that should be helping both him & his patients.”


26 weeks

26 weeks

Reproductive Rights Blog, Talking to Dr. Hern: 8-17-2005

Quoted by Life Dynamics

Perhaps even many of those who claim to be pro-choice are uncomfortable with the actual process of abortion, in particular, of late term abortion. The baby on the left, at 26 weeks, could have been killed in Hern’s Boulder clinic.

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Pro-choice blogger: Eliminating people who “can’t thrive” is “God’s work”

Pro-choice blogger Valerie Tarico describes how abortionists who kill disabled children are doing “God’s work:”

“The human body fends off most infections and cancers, but not all. It spontaneously heals most broken bones and closes many wounds but not all. Similarly, it spontaneously aborts most problem pregnancies, but not all. Nature tends to abort pregnancies where there are problems with cell division or fetal development, where there is little chance for a fetus to become a healthy, thriving person. Through medical or surgical abortion, as through every other medical procedure, doctors and healers extend the work of nature—of God, if you will—to promote health and wellbeing. By ending pregnancies that don’t have a good chance to turn into thriving children and adults, they are—literally or metaphorically–doing God’s work.”

Valerie Tarico “Abortion as a Blessing, Grace, or Gift: Changing the Conversation on Reproductive Rights and Moral Values” RH Reality Check April 3, 2014

So what exactly is a “thriving’ child or adult? A child who isn’t dependent on others? A child who isn’t blind or physically handicapped? A child who is smart enough to make a great deal of money? Eliminating the “imperfect” and disabled is not “God’s work” to pro-lifers.

Thanks to LifeNews for this quote.

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Planned Parenthood charges for “free” pregnancy test only if woman isn’t considering abortion

Bound4Life has stories from women who went to Planned Parenthood hoping to get a pregnancy test and help with their pregnancies, only to be subjected to biased counseling and refused help when they say they are not interested in abortion.

Charity went to the Escondido, CA Planned Parenthood for help. She says:

“I just wanted a free pregnancy test to apply for state insurance, and  they told me its only free if I didn’t know I was willing to keep “it” or not. So I said of course I want to keep my baby. The woman said, “don’t say baby in here. It’s $35 for you to take a pregnancy test without counsel on ‘rescheduling your pregnancy.’” I said a few things about LIFE. My son said “you can’t kill my baby sister!” That’s when we decided on our daughter’s name – Zoe, Life … I’m now holding my sweet 6 month old; she is a marvelous tiny person!

A reader named Susan responds:

“The same thing happened to my friend at Planned Parenthood 21 years ago [in New Jersey]. She went in for a free pregnancy test (which was not free) and the only question they asked her was “when do you want to schedule your abortion?” When she said she didn’t want an abortion, they booted her out the door.”

Susan Michelle “Inside Planned Parenthood the only choice that matters is abortion” Bound4life November 23, 2011

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Doctor who performed 60,000 abortions; I don’t believe in hell

From Dr. Tommy Tucker, who performed over 60,000 abortions and had his licence revoked when he fatally botched an abortion on a woman, then caught a plane to another abortion clinic and left her to bleed to death cared for by a clinic worker with no medical training. He was also accused by former clinic workers of killing a baby that was born alive after a failed abortion. Read about this here. 

“Maybe we’re all going to rot in hell. But look at the population of the world. Where’s it going to end? It’s going to end with people fighting for food.

I don’t believe there is a heaven or hell. The only heaven we have is here on earth. I think when we die, we die.”

Jim Yardley “Abortion Doctor Says It’s the Cause, and the Cash, that Keep Him Driving” (Atlanta, Georgia) Journal May 16, 1993

8 week old unborn baby

8 week old unborn baby

Aborted at 8 weeks

Aborted at 8 weeks


aborted at 8 weeks

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Social worker decries racism in abortion/birth control clinics

Albuquerque social worker Marla Cefuentes said in 1988:

“Every chance they get, the clinic personnel here remind poor and Hispanic women that they can’t raise a family, that to have children is irresponsible,… They are constantly pushing for sterilization, even for very young girls. It’s reprehensible to see that kind of racism go unchallenged.”

George Grant Grand Illusions: the Legacy of Planned Parenthood(Franklin, Tennessee: Adroit Press, 1988, 1992) 102

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Surgical abortions are traumatic, says researcher

Etienne–Emile Baulieu, who was pivotal in discovering the abortion pill, RU-486, describes how surgical abortions can be difficult and dangerous for women:

“In theory, a woman could drop into a clinic at 8 o’clock and, after an hour’s rest following the procedure, go on her way without another thought to her pregnancy. But it doesn’t always work like that. She may begin hemorrhaging because of tissue left behind, or she may suffer the sharp pain of a perforation. Infection may set in, causing later distress and, in extreme cases, infertility. Even when the medical process is flawless, few women can simply shrug off the procedure. Any instrumental abortion is an intrusion. Physically, it is an operation and may leave a scar. Psychologically, it is an invasion of the most intimate reaches of a woman’s body.”

Etienne–Emile Baulieu The “Abortion Pill” (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1990) 15

Women would later discover that abortion by pill may be even more traumatic than abortion by surgery. Read some stories here. 

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Abortion doctors and sexist remarks

From Merle Hoffman, who co-founded and ran an abortion clinic for many years, talks about sexist remarks from abortion doctors:

“… some doctors would make blatantly sexist remarks. “Come on, you knew how to spread your legs before you got here, you can spread them for the exam,” a doctor once chided. Another commanded a patient to keep still, saying, “Keep your backside on the table – you should know pretty well how to do that by now.”

Merle Hoffman Intimate Wars: the Life and Times of the Woman Who Brought Abortion from the Back Alley to the Board Room (New York: Feminist Press, 2012) 76 – 77

This is a pro-choice book where Hoffman defends her career as an abortion provider.

You can see how these doctors are not exactly champions of women’s rights. Women who go in for abortions are often already feeling emotional and scared and being emotionally abused only leads to them having more traumatic experiences. It is clear that these doctors are not motivated by wanting to help women. Perhaps it is the money they can make doing abortions that motivates them. 

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Abortionist doesn’t tell his patients he will be “sucking out the brains” of their babies during partial-birth abortions

partbrt4In the partial-birth abortion ban trials, one abortionist was asked whether or not he tells his patients how he is going to kill their babies when they come in for abortions. The partial-birth abortion procedure is done by delivering an infant part of the way out of the womb and then injecting a pair of surgical scissors or syring into the back of the baby’s head and suctioning out the brain.Here, the abortionist is asked if he tells his patients he will be “sucking out the brain” of the unborn baby they plan to abort:

THE WITNESS: I’m … not exactly sure what using terminology like sucking the brains out would –

THE COURT: That’s what happens, doesn’t it?

THE WITNESS: Well, in some situations that might happen. There are different ways that an after-coming head could be dealt with but that is one way of describing it. 

Testimony of abortionist Dr Timothy Johnson, National Abortion Federation, et. al. v. Ashcroft, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, March 31, 2004.

It took years, but partial-birth abortions were finally banned in the United States. Pro-choice activists fought tooth and nail to prevent this from happening; the first time the ban was passed President Clinton vetoed it. Later, it went to the Supreme Court and was found unconstitutional. Finally, with a change of  the Supreme Court justices and some revisions, it passed, and now this type of abortion is illegal. However, other abortion techniques just as gruesome are still allowed.

Read one nurse’s eyewitness account of a partial-birth abortion.

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14-year-old girl who had abortion at Dr. George Tiller’s clinic recalls the painful experience

The murder of Doctor George Tiller was condemned by every mainstream pro-life organization. Pro-choicers have painted him as a kindly martyr, dedicated only to helping women. However, there are a number of women who have spoken out after having abortions at his clinic. Here is the story of one, Patient K:

Unborn baby at 20 weeks

Unborn baby at 20 weeks

When I was 14 I found out I was 20 weeks pregnant. I was persuaded by my doctor, church leaders and family to abort the baby. However, in the state of Maryland [late] abortion was not an option. My parents found Dr. George Tiller’s Clinic in Wichita, Kansas by searching on the internet and I was flown there within days of finding out I was pregnant.

I was so scared, ashamed and confused. I knew what I was doing was wrong….

The first day involved signing a lot of papers. I did not understand any of what I was reading before I signed my child’s life away. No one explained anything to me. I had no idea what exactly I was getting myself into, the pain, the risks, the after effects. The clinic was dark and quiet. I wanted the whole experience to be over and to go back home, but every step I took made it harder and harder to turn back.

I participated in group “therapy” with other women who were there for the five day procedure as well. I was the youngest and from the looks of the other woman the least far along in my pregnancy. From talking with the other woman I learned more of their stories. I remember being so disgusted because there were woman there who had no “good” reason to be. Married, financially stable, healthy women who just did not feel like they were ready. I couldn’t see why they waited so long to decide that! But I was there too so who was I to judge?”

[She describes having laminaria inserted and being sent back to her hotel room. Then she recalls:]

On the final day we got to the clinic early. There were 6-10 other woman and we were all in the same large room in our own hospital bed. I could hear the others moaning and I knew how they felt. We were all in labor. I was so cold. I was shaking so violently that a nurse came by and placed many blankets on me so the shivering would stop. It didn’t. No one sat beside my bed or asked how I was. A nurse would come by every once in a while and say, “Let see where we are now,” as she shoved her hand under my blankets and felt my cervix. I laid there for what seemed like days. Finally, she called to another nurse and said, “This one’s ready.”

They put me into a wheelchair and awkwardly wheeled me and my IV into a small room. There was a toilet there and I was told to sit on it. I was confused when they told me to push. I was in so much pain and fogginess from the IV that I did as they said. I wanted it to be over. I didn’t have much strength so the nurse said to lean on her and that would make pushing easier. I pushed. My baby was left in that toilet.

After this I was wheeled into another examining room and I was placed on a big metal table. There was a large light beating down on me. As the nurse waited with me for the doctor she rubbed my stomach and said, “Look how skinny you are now!” I cried…”

In Their Own Words: Women’s Stories Of Coerced, Botched, and Illegal Abortions At Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, KS” Operation Rescue

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