Woman stopped outside clinic by sidewalk counselors speaks

Tina was on her way into a clinic to have an abortion, but while she was walking into the clinic, she was stopped by sidewalk counselors. She ignored them and entered the clinic, but as she lay on the abortion table, she thought about what they had said to her. She walked out and kept her baby. She says the following, on behalf of herself and the baby’s father:

“We’re very, very grateful for them saving our baby’s life and opening our eyes; and they’ve really helped us so much and changed our point of view. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have my baby. So if you guys can do this and help people, I think it would be great. I mean, they’ve helped me so much, and opened my eyes and opened my husband’s eyes and we are forever grateful.

Without them I would not have my baby. They opened my eyes and gave me this beautiful gift. God is just so wonderful and you guys are all so wonderful for doing this.”

SARAH ZAGORSKI “Woman Gets Off Operating Table at Abortion Facility When She Changes Her Mind at the Last MinuteLifeNews JAN 16, 2015

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Letter to an aborted baby

“Nadine” writes the following letter to her aborted baby:

“My sweet child, I write this for you so that you can know that I have not, and will not, ever forget you.

I was only 18 when I realized you had come to me. For two months I had suspicions, but denied you. Only after taking several tests, I finally agreed to accept you. Keeping you hidden from the world, you were my little angel. My little secret. I chose to give you back because I wanted so much more for you, and for myself.

I can remember lying on the operating table, and arguing with the doctor when he told me that you were just a specimen, and would be discarded in no time. Damn you! I said. She’s more to me then that. (I know in my heart you were a girl.)

Since I gave you back, my heart had been filled with this awful emptyness. I’m 20 now, and today is July 4th. On the 13th, it will have been two years since the abortion.

I want you to know that I think of you every day. And, every day, I am filled with shame and guilt for what I did to you.

I can only pray that, in time, God will forgive me for what I have done. I can only pray that, in time, I can learn to love and forgive myself for what I have done.

For anyone that is considering an abortion, I want you to know that for nine weeks I carried my daughter under my heart. And now for the rest of my life that’s where she’ll stay.”

From Abortion Concern

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Post-Abortion woman: I aborted for my child’s sake, it was humane

A woman named Charity explains why she had an abortion:

“My decision to have an abortion was a decision I made to care for the child that was within me. To adopt a child would be more cruel to me than just ending it, because it’s giving the child no help. It saying “Well, it’s not my problem.” My decision to abort will affect my child in a humane manner, because I’ve got my child’s interests at heart. That’s why I decided to terminate, for that child’s sake.”

Leslie Cannold The Abortion Myth (Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press, 1998) xviii

This is what she did to her preborn baby. Is this really humane? Is this better then giving the baby to a loving adoptive home?

10 week abortion

10 week abortion

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Planned Parenthood: continuing a pregnancy can be selfish

In Planned Parenthood’s Abortion: A Woman’s Guide, meant to inform a woman about her abortion options, it says:

“… No matter how firmly a woman feels that abortion is the best choice for her, she almost surely will also feel some resistance to the idea, consciously or unconsciously. And if she is not aware that this ambivalence is totally natural, she can let it build in her until she feels she is being torn apart.

She may feel intensely, for the sake of her whole future and the future of everybody she loves most – of children she already has or children she might have in the future – that she does not want to continue her pregnancy.

Yet she may feel just as strongly that she does want to continue it, or that she ought to want to; and feeling so, she wonders if abortion is indeed the right thing, or even if there is something selfish or unnatural or unwomanly in seeking an abortion…

It can be said that continuing a pregnancy can be as selfish an act as ending it. It can be said that ending a pregnancy that threatens everything that makes a woman’s life worth living is no more unnatural than treating an illness that can cripple her. It can also be said that when a woman makes informed and intelligent decisions concerning her own fertility, she is performing the most womanly function of all.”

Planned Parenthood of New York City Abortion: A Woman’s Guide (New York: Abelard–Schuman, Ltd, 1973) 25 – 26

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Poll finds 56% of people in Ohio believe life begins at conception

As reported in the Akron Beacon Journal:

“A recent poll for the Beacon Journal by the University of Akron found that 56% of Ohioans believe that life begins at conception; but a majority of those voicing an opinion still believe abortion should remain legal.”

Akron Beacon Journal, July 4, 1989. quoted in Oliver Trager Abortion: Choice & Conflict (New York: Facts on File, 1993) 22

Prebon baby at 10 weeks,

Prebon baby at 10 weeks,

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Clinic worker refers to aborted baby as “waste”

A woman who told the story of her abortion:


“Once the doctor walked in with everything prepared, she told me that she would take good care of me. I trusted her word, so I went along with the procedure. As I was drugged, I was getting rid of this life that my boyfriend and I had created. It was sucked out through the tube, and all I could think during that time was that “it’s good.” I’m doing it for a good reason; nothing will happen; things will just go back to the way they used to be; I don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Once everything was done, I didn’t thank the doctor who’d done the procedure. I felt like I didn’t need to thank her. I asked the nurse, “Where will the baby go?” She replied, “You mean the waste?” And that moment right there, that very last moment, my heart dropped completely! Moments later, I walked into the recovery room where I was given soda, crackers, a lollipop, and a pad.”

Ashley Wehrli “15 Women Who Regretted Their Abortion Tell All” Babygaga Apr 20 2018

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Professor presents 19 textbooks saying life begins at conception

Patrick A Trueman, who helped prepare a 1975 brief before the Illinois Supreme Court on the unborn child:

“We introduced an affidavit from a professor of medicine detailing 19 textbooks on the subject of embryology used in medical schools today which universally agreed that human life begins at conception… Those textbooks agree that is when human life begins. The court didn’t strike that down – the court couldn’t strike that down because there was a logical/biological basis for that law.”

Television program transcript “Abortion” Chattanooga, Tennessee, the John Ankerberg Evangelistic Association, 1982, 2 in John Ankerberg The Facts on Abortion (Smashwords Edition 2011)

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Pro-Choice activist condemns athlete’s abortion

Gillian, who is pro-choice, when asked how she feels about an athlete who gets pregnant to enhance her performance, then aborts. In this scenario, the athlete would deliberately become pregnant for the hormonal boost, with the intention of aborting after the athletic event.

[When you abort] “you’re thinking of yourself and you’re thinking about the baby.. It’s not a cold decision. But getting pregnant in order to kill the baby! Doing it intentionally just doesn’t seem right. Having a baby to kill it, there’s no you in that. You’re just setting out to murder, [to commit] premeditated murder.”

Leslie Cannold The Abortion Myth (Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press, 1998) xx

This pro-choicer seems to admit that abortion is the killing of a human being- murder. She excuses abortions on women who are pregnant accidentally, but calls it “murder” when the abortion is intended before the pregnancy. What is the difference in the babies?

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Post-abortion woman: “I have never been the same”

A woman who had an abortion told her story:


“I knew of the post abortion regret. I read about it over and over, preparing myself for misery. But online blogs, not even this one, can truly express in words the pain you feel the second you walk out those doors. I walked in there with one soul, and left with none. I have never been the same since that day. I refused to accept the fact that I loved being pregnant. I loved that apple seed with everything inside of me. Don’t do it. The father of my child left the country and never spoke a word to me again.”

Ashley Wehrli “15 Women Who Regretted Their Abortion Tell All” Babygaga Apr 20 2018

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Abortionist speaks out about lack of abortion doctors

Judith Arcana, who was active in the organization JANE, which performed illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade, was interviewed. She and the interviewer made reference to the reluctance of doctors to do abortions:

Interviewer: There is a similar trend [in England], where younger doctors are also not opting enthusiastically for abortion work. The reasons may be different though. It perhaps is not because of the level of risk involved, but because abortion work is perceived as boring, unchallenging and also unglamorous, compared say to working in infertility, providing IVF.

Judith: That also is why in the past not many doctors in the US got involved in abortion work, even in the first few years after Roe… Abortion – who wants to do that? … It is not like brain surgery, or anything like the high-tech reproductive medicine that can be done now.

Judith Arcana ““Feminist politics and abortion in the US,”  Psychology and Reproductive Choice

Visited 9/2/2017

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