Harrassment and Hannah Selinger

I am really sorry that I have to post this, but I feel I have to respond to allegations of harassment by Hannah Selinger. Selinger has authored a blog about me here. 

In this blog, she refers to a post I made on Live Action here, where I quoted her Raw Story article here. It is legal to quote from a published source online.

Selinger emailed me and demanded I take the quote from her down, as she said it misrepresented her position, and threatened legal action. I responded with:


sc 2

I then concurred with my editor, and we determined that it is in fact legal to quote, with attribution, from a published online source.

Before I could respond to Hannah and address her concerns, she sent me this threat:

three three

Selinger then proceeded to post my private email address on twitter and call for users to harass me.


She then posted a string of abusive tweets that she has since removed:

firt tweet she sent

tweet 3


tweet 4

And other tweets. I will not post them all.

Keep in mind that at this point the email I posted above was the only email I had sent her.

I did not respond to these tweets from Hannah Selinger. But some of my followers did. My friends and followers were angry about her abusive attacks, and there were some things said by people other than me that should not have been said.

Hannah then sent me this “letter” from her “attorney”



Don’t ask me who John Giglio Jr is, I have no idea.

Note the heading and email address from Dan Palmer, the “lawyer”

email of lawyer

A google search for DH Adventures yielded this site:

sc 5



Here is what that small print says:

sc 6

I do not wish to leap to conclusions, but it appears to me that Hannah has sent me a letter from her “lawyer” from the email address from the charter company she and “David Palmer” run.

She then told me she would continue to email me until I removed the quote from Live Action.

sc 7

And on and on another 50 or so times.

sc 8

I am not going to post a screenshot of every message but you get the idea.

Meanwhile, she was demanding that I take down the posts my followers posted and accusing me of telling me to harass her. By now, I realized that I was dealing with someone deeply irrational. I instructed my twitter followers to immediately stop engaging Selinger. I was trying to defuse the situation.

the tweet

I told Hannah that legally, one can quote from published sources. Hannah then threatened me with a restraining order. Keep in mind, at this point I had only emailed her twice. She began demanding that I take the tweets from friends down. I could not do that, for the tweets were on other peoples’ accounts. Keep in mind that I had only emailed her twice at this point.

She then contacted a third party, the editor of a pro-choice publication. I will keep her name out of this. She told this woman that I had been harrassing her, that she had been receiving death threats from my friends, and that she had taken out a restraining order on me.


David, in case you are wondering, is an editor at Live Action and a witness to all of this.

This is the first time I heard about death threats. The police have not contacted me about a restraining order.

More about the restraining order:


In response to these allegations, I emailed this to the pro-choice writer Selinger had emailed with the claim of death threats and a restraining order:


I was referring to a legal case Selinger was involved in in the past where she was sued for harassment and stalking. You can google it. I have no comments on it or its outcome, I wasn’t there. But I wanted to make the person hearing the allegations against me aware of a possible pattern.

I wanted Selinger’s letters and false accusations to end. I emailed her the following:

sc police

You can still see my post asking all my followers to take down any posts against Hannah on twitter.

Hannah did not comply. She continued to email me.

first reply

I asked again

second reply

She continued to email me and sent one more threat.

washington p

The emails continued. Basically more of the same accusations. She would not stop emailing me. Finally I realized I would have to contact the police, and I did so.

I showed the officer the emails and printed out a number of the emails. I filed an official report. I did not want to press charges, just establish a record.

I wanted that to be the end of it, but the police officer advised me to inform Selinger that a report had been filed. So I did.

That was the last email I sent. I got several back. At that point, I  blocked her on Gmail. Her emails will now go into my spam folder. if she e-mails me again,. I will not see it.

Selinger’s blog alleged that I contacted friends and told them to harass her. I would like her to post proof of this. it says she has gotten death threats. I would like her to post proof and screenshots. I have documented every email I have sent to Selinger on this blog.

I would like her to post proof of harassment by me. A simple screenshot of me insulting her will do. She has none.

Selinger’s accusations are unfounded and untrue. She has emailed me repeatedly to the point where I was forced to file a police report. I have screenshots of every single message Selinger has sent. It took me an hour to take them all. I have this material on request.

I am very sorry I had to write this blog post. I never would have wanted to be involved in this. But now I have said my piece.


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Muslim woman feels “grief and loss” after abortions

From a Muslim woman who regretted her two abortions:

“ I didn’t want to have the abortion. My daughter was now three years old and I felt ready for another child. He was absolutely certain that he didn’t want another child. He had two; that was all he wanted. Our relationship was bad. I didn’t want sex; he wanted it..…

I played courageous and went and had the abortion. I was trying to save my pride and had the abortion in a very angry state. I didn’t have time to dig too deeply into my feelings. Later on I felt that I had been stupid. It was my right to have the baby. It was more part of me than him. If he can make a decision that he doesn’t want a child, than I can make a decision that I do want it.…

Now, eight months after the first abortion in the US I was to have another. My husband did try to be kind, but it didn’t help.… I was deeply scarred from the first abortion and all the conflict over contraception…

Now if the situation were to be mentioned, he would say that it was my decision. He would deny responsibility for the decisions to have the abortions. He might say it was our decision, but more mine – it’s as if he would try to block it from his mind. We have never really talked about it, but I think that’s what he’d say…

As Muslims we had no particular religious conflicts regarding the abortions. I was educated religiously that up until 120 days the fetus has no soul – that you’re not dealing with a human being up to that point.… My conflict about having the abortions stemmed from my feminine, maternal instinct, not from my religion. I felt grief and loss, not guilt.”

Miriam Claire The Abortion Dilemma: Personal Views on a Public Issue (New York: Insight Books, 1995) 117 – 119

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Pro-Choicer describes her guilt after painful abortion

Lorraine V Murray tells her abortion story:

“Having read numerous journal articles that made abortion sound is simple and straightforward as a dental procedure, I concluded it would be a quick and efficient way to solve the problem.

I went into the clinic expecting a relatively pain-free experience, but I came out feeling that the authors of these articles had betrayed me. The procedure was agonizing… Still, despite the pain, I did leave the clinic feeling very relieved: my problem was solved, and I could return to life as usual.

No one, however, had prepared me for the flashbacks, which began about a year after the “procedure”… Each time, I would relive the experience: going into the clinic; getting up on the table; experiencing the searing, unbelievable pain; and then lying there, gasping and stunned…

I started having upsetting reactions to babies. I would be walking around in a grocery store, and if I spotted a baby, my eyes would fill with tears and I would walk quickly away. A question started plaguing me: How old would my baby have been now?…

My memories about the abortion continued to haunt me. Even though I remained staunchly pro-choice, I still had to battle a deep and gnawing sense that I had done something terribly wrong.”

Lorraine V Murray Confessions of an Ex-Feminist (San Francisco, California: Ignatius Press, 2008) 99 – 101

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Doctor calls unborn baby a “parasite”

From one doctor:

“The fetus isn’t a human body but is more or acts more like a parasite.”

Quoted in William Brennan The Abortion Holocaust: Today’s Final Solution (St. Louis, Missouri, 1983) 149

16-weeks (2)

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Abortion clinic runs “smoothly and efficiently”

From a woman who works in an abortion clinic:

“On a busy day, I am always amazed at how smoothly and efficiently the service is running.”

Ardis Hyland Danon “Organizing an Abortion Service” Nursing Outlook 21 (July 1973): 460


Above: Picture of aborted babies, part of a day’s work at a clinic in Canada.

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Woman has abortion, feels her babies “fighting”

From a woman who had an abortion because she felt she was pregnant with too many children:

17-wks“The doctor explained that he would inject special salty water and that the needle would go into my tummy and… puncture the babies’ hearts – they were going to do it like that. And the babies stay inside you – they don’t come out or go rotten, they just stay there as tissue… And the worst part of it all is that they jumped. I felt it. I felt them moving. I felt them fighting.”

Guardian, November 28, 1989

Quoted in Jenny Bryan Abortion (East Sussex, England: Wayland Publishers Limited, 1991) 32

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Abortion is a choice of love, honesty, compassion

From pro-abortion writer Valerie Tarico:

“Whether or not we are religious, deciding whether to keep or terminate a pregnancy is a process steeped in spiritual values: responsibility, stewardship, love, honesty, compassion, freedom, balance, discernment. But how often do we hear words like these coming from pro-choice advocates?”

Valerie Tarico “Abortion as a Blessing, Grace, or Gift: Changing the Conversation on Reproductive Rights and Moral Values” RH Reality Check April 3, 2014

Below: 8 week old preborn baby- before and after abortion



Is this love and compassion?

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Legalizing abortion had “no major impact” on abortion deaths

In 1978, a doctor wrote the following in a respected medical journal:

“There has been no major impact on the number of women dying from abortion in the United States since liberalized abortion was introduced… Legal abortion is now the leading cause of abortion -related maternal deaths in the United States.”

D Cavanagh, Am J Ob Gyn 130(3):375 Feb 1, 1978

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Abortion is “humanitarian medicine” says psychiatrist

American psychiatrist Zigmond M Lebensohn:

“[Abortion is] the practice of humanitarian medicine at its very best.”

Zigmond M Lebensohn “Abortion, Psychiatry, and the Quality of Life” American Journal of Psychiatry 128 (February 1972): 950

Below: Preborn baby at 9-10 weeks before and after abortion.

9 to 10 weeks


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Sidewalk counseling tip from Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson is doing a video of a tip for pro-lifers every Tuesday. Here is a sidewalk counseling tip from 9/14/2016:

sidwalk counseling  tip

“This week I’m going to talk about difficult people on the sidewalk. A lot of times people go out to the sidewalk and they’re with 40 Days for Life or they’re with Sidewalk Advocates for Life, or another really great group, and they have other groups that come out and do weird things on the sidewalk. [For example] they have baby doll parts that are painted with red blood, and they dangle them over the fence. Or they have 55,000 graphic images lined up all down the road, or they wear white lab coats with red paint over them, or they yell at the workers and women going in, and they call them murderers or baby killers, or whatever. And this goes against what you’re trying to do to have [a] peaceful vigil and compassionate and merciful outreach on the sidewalk. Okay?

So here’s a tip: don’t ever engage with those people, and this is why. Because sometimes we want to engage with them, because we want to convince them that what they’re doing is not helpful. And it is indeed not helpful. But what happens from the inside of the clinic looking out at you on the sidewalk, the workers think that you’re friends – that you’re in cahoots together. Right? They don’t know that you’re talking to them about how terrible their antics are? Right? They just think, Oh, well they’re talking to them, so they must be the same team.

So, for example: when I worked at Planned Parenthood, there was a man named Don who came out to our sidewalk, and he was awful. He would write down our license plate numbers. He would send things out, he sent a postcard out to my parents and their neighborhood comparing me to a child molester. He called me all types of terrible names. He was a terrible, terrible man. But the Coalition for Life that was out there, I would see in them engage with him, right, and I would see them talking. Now I don’t know. There were probably times when they were going, “Hey Don, yelling at these people are sending letters to their home is probably not a good idea”, but I didn’t know that. So I never really felt comfortable – I never know that I can trust the Coalition in those early years, because even though they were doing a good thing, they were talking and having conversations with this guy, who was doing terrible things to me. Does that make sense?

So if there are people out there on the sidewalk who are doing really weird things, you know what, here’s the bottom line – you are not going to change their mind. So don’t even bother engaging with them.… Because they’re really not out there because they have a heart for these women or babies. They’re really out there because they just want to feel right. And going out to the sidewalk is not about being right. It’s about being loving and being compassionate and being merciful. And we know that.

And so I always encourage people – if you are dealing with a group like that, maybe you want to have a T-shirt that everybody wears, the same color T-shirt. Or in the back of your T-shirt it says “help for women”, “we care about you”, something like that. So you might want to physically distance yourself from them, not engage in conversation with them number one, and number two, you might want to visually distance yourself from them – make a claim on the sidewalk, hold down that part of the sidewalk. And you know what? Apologize. I apologize for poor behavior on the sidewalk all the time. If a woman is coming in and she’s being yelled at I am quick to say “I am really sorry for how you’re being treated right now and I just want to let you know that I’m out here because I care about you and I’m so sorry you’re being talked to in this way.” An apology goes a long way in a lot of cases, but especially to women who are walking into the clinic because they don’t know that you’re not with these crazy people.…

I’m pretty confident that dangling a baby doll head, a bloody baby doll head over a fence is not going to reach the audience that you are trying to reach… So people, don’t be weird on the sidewalk.… Be somebody that you would want to talk to.”

Hope you find this sidewalk counseling tip to be helpful!

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