She suffered enormous guilt after taking friend to abortion clinic

A woman named Michelle talks about how she was crippled by guilt after helping a friend have an abortion:

“After I took my roommate home and got her settled, I started off for a visit to New York. It was a four hour drive and there was plenty of time for me to think… I began to realize that my friend’s abortion was troubling me

Until then, I had just listened to what people had said about abortion and would accept what they thought… I had believed what they told me: “It’s a personal decision.”…

As I continued to drive, I felt as if I were drowning in a sea of silence. What was going on? I protested, I didn’t do anything! Yet I was haunted by what had happened that day and it rendered me numb…

That Sunday I went to church with my mom… While in church that morning, I heard a baby crying just a couple of seats away. The baby’s cry rang in my ears as if there was a message in the crying that I needed to hear…

Then as if a dam had burst, tears began to flow from my eyes. The more I tried to push back the strong current of tears, the heavier they flowed. I didn’t understand how I could feel such sorrow for an abortion that someone else had experienced. Then, suddenly, it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me when I realized for the first time that abortion was death! There had been a death. I had not simply escorted my friend to an abortion clinic; I had taken part in a baby’s death! On that fateful day “the problem” had not been taken care of; instead, a life had been snuffed out!”

Cheryl Chew Make Me Your Choice (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2006) 122 – 123

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Abortion doula describes lying to woman

An abortion doula, who works in abortion facilities to comfort women as they have abortions, admits:

 “Sometimes you are dishonest. In the beginning, I shadow a more experienced doula as she reassures a patient that the woman in the next room screaming wildly is not here for the same procedure, though, of course, she is.”

Alex Ronan “My Year As an Abortion DoulaThe Cut SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

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In three months, crisis pregnancy center saved 35 babies

Proabortion author Karissa Haugeberg writes:

“It is impossible to verify how many women who wanted abortions changed their minds after encountering antiabortion activists at CPC’s [Crisis pregnancy centers].

The Fargo Women’s Health Clinic, a CPC, claimed that its employees had convinced 35 women who had considered getting abortions to instead continue with their pregnancies during the first three months of 1984.”

“Pro-Life,” flyer, April 4, 1984 quoted in Karissa Haugeberg Women against Abortion (Chicago, Illinois: University Of Illinois Press, 2017)

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Abortionist does early abortions with his bare hands

Vincent J Genovese wrote a book about an illegal abortionist who performed over 100,000 abortions before Roe V Wade. The author praises the abortionist throughout the book, and lifts him up as a champion for women. In this passage, Genovese describes how the abortionist killed a very young unborn baby:

“With the dilation complete, the next step… was to extract the fetus. At this point, most doctors prefer to use a blunt instrument called a curette to accomplish this. Dr. Spencer preferred using his index finger. His hands were small and extremely tuned to the touch of the uterus… He simply inserted his finger and moved it deftly against the uterine wall, causing both fetus and placenta to break free. When he felt this happen he would call for small pair of forceps and gently remove the 7-week-old embryo. It was discarded without any sense of loss into a basin which already held two others from this morning’s work. He went back to make sure all the products of conception were removed and that the uterus had begun to contract in order that there be no bleeding.”

Vincent J Genovese The Angel of Ashland: Practicing Compassion and Tempting Fate (Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books, 2000) 14 – 15

Seven week-old preborn baby

Seven week-old preborn baby

Close-up of seven week preborn baby's feet

Close-up of seven week preborn baby’s feet

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Abortion Clinic workers got bonuses for selling abortions

An abortion clinic inspected in England was cited for paying employees bonuses based on how many women went through with their abortions. The clinic had “Key Performance Indicators” that they had to meet. The KPI mandated the number of abortions workers were expected to sell. This encouraged workers to pressure women to have abortions and also led to women being rushed through the facility so that more abortions could be done.

From the report:

“Staff expressed concern that they were assessed and bonuses were paid based on performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) … Staff felt that this corporate focus on achieving KPIs worked against the concept of patient choice.

The team meeting minutes dated 14 April showed that staff had raised concerns with the manager about the KPIs and the pressure this put staff under to rush consultations…..

Staff we spoke with talked about a lack of time and need to keep the appointment on track. One member of staff said about the information provided, “They can’t take it all in, it’s so fast”. This presented a risk that consent was not fully informed.

We observed a member of staff passing the consent form to the patient to read and sign whilst they cleaned the room. There was no opportunity given for discussion or questions and when questioned the member of staff felt this was because of a lack of time….

Staff were concerned that ‘Did Not Proceed’, the term used when women decided not to proceed with treatment… was linked to their performance bonus. They felt that this encouraged staff to ensure that patients underwent procedures.

Staff were also concerned that the pressurised environment and linking of KPIs to performance bonuses meant that there was a culture that worked against patient choice….One staff member describe it as “feeling like a hamster in a wheel” and said the word, “Cattle market” came up quite a lot.”

Care Quality Commission on Marie Stopes International, Date of inspection visit: 17 May 2016 Date of publication: 02/10/2017

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Man pushes partner’s abortion: “I have skin in the game”

Josh Healey, who got his partner pregnant, wanted her to have an abortion even though she initially wanted to have the baby. Healey says:

“I knew this was a woman’s right and that I was supposed to be supportive, strong and sensitive right off the bat, but I was also thinking about my own selfish desires. It was like, “Wow, I literally have skin in the game.”

She ended up having an abortion.

Angelina Chapin “8 Men on What It Was Like When Their Partner Had an Abortion” Mel

visited 10/2/2017

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Officials won’t let aborted babies be photographed

Pro-Life author William Brennan writes about how, when some bodies of aborted babies were found in California, public officials would not let anyone take photographs of them.

“In February 1982 officials from the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office and the Department of Health Services told press photographers and television crews that “no photographs” could be taken of aborted bodies found in a huge cargo container in Wilmington, California. “A lot are partially dismembered,” explained coroner office representative Mason Johnson. “You wouldn’t want to photograph that.”

Mary Dunn “500 Fetal Bodies Found” National Catholic Register February 21, 1982, P1

Quoted in William Brennan The Abortion Holocaust: Today’s Final Solution (St. Louis, Missouri, 1983) 165

Brennan suggests that authorities refused to let media outlets take pictures because they wanted to hide the reality of abortion.

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JANE did illegal third trimester abortions before Roe v. Wade

Judith Arcana worked with JANE, a group of  women who did illegal abortions before Roe V. Wade. None of these women abortionists had medical degrees. JANE started out as a referral service, sending women to an illegal abortionist. When they found out that the abortionist they sent women to was not a doctor, they decided to do the abortions themselves. They were self-taught.

Judith Arcana says:

“Ultimately, we learned to do abortions in all three trimesters. Although we did only a handful in the third, as you may imagine, there were many in the second, no doubt because illegality forced women and girls to take so much time searching for abortionists and saving up money.”

Judith Arcana ““Feminist politics and abortion in the US,”  Psychology and Reproductive Choice Visited 9/2/2017

28 weeks. Some babies members of JANE aborted were this age or older

28 weeks. Some babies members of JANE aborted were this age or older

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Abortionist devastated with guilt after he kills a duck

Dr. Robert Spencer was an illegal abortionist who operated before Roe Vs. Wade. He did over 100,000 abortions over the years.

According to his biography, he was devastated when, as a child, he accidentally killed a duck:

“Robert [Spencer] had convinced his father to buy him some baby ducks. He delighted in herding them around the yard with a stick. One day, he accidentally struck one of them too hard in the head, killing the duckling. For days he was inconsolable. He made a vow never to mistreat another animal.”

Vincent J Genovese The Angel of Ashland: Practicing Compassion and Tempting Fate (Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books, 2000) 18

He would go on to kill 100,000 babies and leave 100,000 women emotionally (and sometimes physically) scarred for life.

Baby at 8 weeks, before and after abortion

8 weeks

8 weeks

8 weeks

8 weeks aborted

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Deaths of birds vs deaths of babies

William Brennan wrote about two articles that appeared in the New York Times on the same day, right next to each other.  One was about an abortion case where a doctor killed a baby close to birth. The other was about the deaths of birds.

The contrast between the two of them shows how twisted society has become since Roe Vs. Wade:

“The ironclad tenacity of the press’s schizophrenic attitude toward destruction was flagrantly displayed in two editorials which appeared next to one another in the New York Times of February 19, 1975.

The first commentary, entitled “Abortion Error” expresses considerable dismay over the conviction of Dr. Kenneth C Edelin for manslaughter in the case of a late-term abortion [that witnesses say led the live birth of a baby who was then killed]. The decision of the jury is characterized as “a blow not only to physicians who perform legal abortions but also to the women who need these operations or may need then in the future.” The Times editorial cites “the historic Supreme Court verdict legalizing abortion” as a basis for predicting the reversal Dr. Edelin’s conviction, but still bemoans the fact that “the damage done to the cause of rational abortion may be much harder to undo than the conviction itself.”

(“Abortion Error” New York Times February 19, 1974, p 34)

Immediately following upon the heels of the preceding editorial is one with an entirely different slant entitled “Bird Massacre.” The United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia is taken to task for having “upheld the legality of killing millions of starlings, grackles, and red-winged blackbirds that roost near military installations in Kentucky and Tennessee.” Other culprits identified are the city of Paducah, Kentucky and the Army for initiating a policy of spraying the birds “with a detergent that removes protective oil from their feathers, causing them to die.” The writer does not hesitate to emphasize that “the poignant spectacle of millions of dead and dying birds ought to make Army and municipal officials reconsider this hideous project, particularly as they cannot achieve their objectives by this mass slaughter.” Plans generated for dealing with the birds are likened to “the kind of repeated bird massacres that exterminated the once common passenger pigeon”.…

(“Bird Massacre” The New York Times February 19, 1975, p34)

To the Times semanticists, the killing of unborn humans is simply a matter of “legal abortion,” “these operations,” “an action” or “rational abortion.” The killing of birds, on the other hand, is saturated with such concepts as “bird massacres,” “killing,” “the slaughter,” “dead and dying birds,” “hideous project,” “mass slaughter,” and “exterminated.”

The words used to describe the deaths of birds contrast starkly with the words used to describe abortions.

William Brennan The Abortion Holocaust: Today’s Final Solution (St. Louis, Missouri, 1983) 157

deaths of birds

Which is worse? The deaths of babies (like these) or the deaths of birds?

deaths of birds

aborted at 10 weeks

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