Woman who had abortion by pill: the pain was terrible

Tracy had an abortion by pill. She says:

“It took five hours. The pain was terrible; I’d never been through pain like that before. I tried to hold it in, but tears just kept falling all the time. I was vomiting, but nothing was coming up, because I’d had nothing to eat.”

Melanie Symonds, Phyllis Bowman And Still They Weep: Personal Stories of Abortion (The SPUC Educational Research Trust, 1996) 128

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Abortion clinics falsified minors’ ages to get out of reporting abuse

Former Planned Parenthood manager Abby Johnson says:

I’ve found sometimes that charts — when I would audit charts — I would find charts sometimes where the client, when they filled out a medical history, if they were a minor, it would ask, you know, ‘when was the first time you had sex?’ And they would write on there 13 or 12 or something, and in Texas that’s automatically reportable. And so then the counselor, just like you’re saying, the patient educator would sit down with them and go, “Ok, are you sure it was thirteen because if it’s thirteen, now, that’s reportable in the state of Texas. Are you sure it wasn’t fourteen?” And then the client would say, “Oh yeah, I think it was fourteen.”

And then I would look at the history and the educator would have scratched out 13 and would have written, “Patient was not correct. She first actually had sex at age fourteen.” I don’t know if it’s just laziness, that they don’t want to make the report, I don’t know, sometimes it could be that the patient is saying, “please don’t report.” But you know, we’re not there to make sure the patient leaves happy we didn’t report, we’re there to protect these minor girls.

Sarah Terzo “Former abortion workers say they ‘lied about ages’ to avoid reporting sexual abuse” Live Action News October 9, 2018

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Abortion worker blogs about “respecting the lives” of babies she kills

Abortion Clinic Days is a blog where abortion workers write about their experiences working in abortion facilities.

Under the heading “respect for life,” the blog says:

many years ago i remember a patient telling me that she chose our clinic because she could tell that we respected her and knew that we would therefore respect the life within her. it was very important to her that she have trust in the clinic she chose because she felt that, given her life circumstances, returning her baby to god was the kindest, most maternal thing she could do for it.

i assured her that her feeling was correct, that we in fact do all we can to honor the life that women are unable to continue and we encourage them to find their own way to make peace with the pregnancy (whether it be a baby or a “pre-baby” to them), figure out how to forgive themselves and also to continue working through any religious or spiritual issues if they have them….

The blog goes on to say:

our clinic is the kind of place where women can ask, as one did today, if we would bless and baptize her baby. i was able to do that for her. honoring her pregnancy as she herself chooses is part of what we hope to do for each woman.  using water (she had planned to bring holy water with her but had at the last minute forgotten it) and saying the words i know from my catholic upbringing, i did as she asked. she had a name in mind for the baby, one that could work for either gender and i gave it that name.

we want to be a clinic that respects life, that honors women’s choices. the two are compatible. believe me!

here is a picture of a baby whose life was “respected” in an abortion clinic

Remains of child after abortion at 15 weeks

Remains of child after abortion at 15 weeks


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Mother calls daughter with Down syndrome ‘closest thing to an angel’

Michele Harmon wrote about her child with Down syndrome in her essay, “The Most Beautiful Face on Earth.”

Ciarra attends a regular preschool program, she was potty trained before she was three, and is a very independent little kid. She is funny and spirited, stubborn and witty. She whistles little songs all day long. She idolizes her big brother. She loves to draw and can put all the details into a drawing of a face.

At five years old, this child they told me would be so unworthy of life, such a burden, has defied all predictions. She is in a mainstream kindergarten class where she holds her own nicely and is doing most things like any other child her age. Letters and words seem to be her strength.

She has so many friends that sometimes we get tired of dragging her to play dates and parties… All those worries I had about kids shying away from her have turned out to be the exact opposite. She is like a magnet.… Her teachers have fallen in love with her. Many of them were afraid of Down syndrome before… now they are like me, grateful for the opportunity to know her. She continues to touch people with her sweetness and surprise them with her ability. Ciarra is a little girl who has been the best teacher that I can ever imagine having. She is a joy like no other….

She seems to have a way with people that I have never seen before. I wonder if it is her cheerfulness or her simple joy in everything.…

Maybe someday it won’t be so scary to have a child with Down syndrome.Maybe someday 95% of her peers will not be eliminated.… I am blessed beyond words by this little girl. That blessing seems to know no end, it grows and grows and fills my heart daily. People may ask if it’s hard to have a kid like her. I wish they could know the truth. Sure, there are days I get tired. She asks a lot of questions, and she is in perpetual motion. But I wouldn’t trade her for the world…

She is the closest thing to an angel I will ever see.

Melinda Tankard Reist Defiant Birth: Women Who Resist Medical Eugenics (North Melbourne, Australia: Spinifex, 2006) 283 – 285

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Former abortion worker says her clinic lied about minors

A former abortion worker from a facility in Texas said:

During the times that my training, I shadowed a few minor encounters, and there were times when the minor reported that her partner was more than four years older than her and upon hearing it the first time my trainer would then ask other questions, and eventually the minor would see where it was heading, you know, toward a report, and the minor would backtrack, and think, “oh no, I don’t know, maybe he was only three years older than me,” or you know – my trainer would kind of give hints that, you know, four years is leading toward a report, so you need to fix it, not directly, like with the tone of her voice. And the minor would backtrack and say, “maybe I’m mistaken.”

And we would take the lower age just so that we wouldn’t have to report it. This is what my trainer used to do, you know, kind of coerce them into saying something that wouldn’t lead to report.

Sarah Terzo “Former abortion workers say they ‘lied about ages’ to avoid reporting sexual abuseLive Action News October 9, 2018

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Former abortion worker: We never showed ultrasound

Former abortion worker Brenda Pratt-Shafer wrote:

“The abortionist knows that if the mother knew there was a heartbeat or saw the fetus (baby) on the ultrasound, she would probably change her mind about the abortion. When an ultrasound was performed at the abortion clinic, the screen was turned away from the mother and the sound was turned off so the mother could not hear or see it.”

Brenda Pratt-Shafer, David Shafer What the Nurse Saw: Eyewitness to Abortion (Mustang, Oklahoma: Tate Publishing & Enterprise, LLC, 2016) 29

10 week 3d ultrasound

10 week 3d ultrasound

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Study shows one fourth of post-abortion women think abortion is wrong

From a 1988 book on abortion:

“In one study, researchers found that one fourth of the women who had abortions felt that it was morally wrong; 8% of them did not believe that any woman who wants an abortion should be able to obtain it legally.”

Susan Neiburg Terkel Abortion: Facing the Issues (New York: Franklin Watts, 1988) 86

This seems to indicate that a sizable number of women who have abortions later come to believe they did something wrong.

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Reporter comments on media bias

From an article on media bias in the abortion debate. Lisa Myers, who covers abortion for NBC:

“I do believe that some of the stories I have read or seen have almost seemed like cheerleading for the pro-choice side.”

DAVID SHAW “Abortion Bias Seeps Into NewsLos Angeles Times JUL 01, 1990

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Late term abortionist says listening to Martin Luther King inspired him to do abortions

Late term “Christian” abortionist Willie Parker:

“In listening to a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King, I came to a deeper understanding of my spirituality, which places a higher value on compassion. King said what made the good Samaritan ‘good’ is that instead of focusing on would happen to him by stopping to help the traveler, he was more concerned about what would happen to the traveler if he didn’t stop to help. I became more concerned about what would happen to these women if I, as an obstetrician, did not help them.”

He does abortions up to 24 weeks.

TARA CULP-RESSLER “Christian Doctor On Why He Performs Abortions: ‘I Came To A Deeper Understanding Of My Spirituality’” ThinkProgress MAY 27, 2014

baby aborted (killed) at 24 weeks

baby aborted (killed) at 24 weeks

From a baby aborted at 20 weeks

From a baby aborted at 20 weeks

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Chinese woman forced abortions on women pregnant “illegally”

On Nightline, a Chinese woman who enforced the one child policy was interviewed. She helped round up women who were pregnant and forced them to have abortions. The interview:

BRIAN ROSS, ABC NEWS (VO) By her own admission, this woman has been one of the most feared and hated people in the small town in China where she lives.

KIAO DUAN GAO Sometimes they’d see me when they were captured and they would curse me or they’d try to hit me with sticks.

BRIAN ROSS (VO) Her name is Kiao Duan Gao and for the last 14 years, Mrs Gao has been the local official in the Yonghe township on the South China coast in charge of enforcing China’s one child birth policy.


KIAO DUAN GAO: I saw some women that were nine months pregnant put on the operating table and forced to have abortions….If the doctor does it correctly, the injection will be done through the mother’s stomach right into the child’s brain and the child will die at that time. Or if the doctor misses a little bit, then the child can still be alive when he comes out of his mother’s womb and as soon as the child cries, the doctor will give it another injection and the child will die.

BRIAN ROSS In front of the mother?

KIAO DUAN GAO Usually. Sometimes mothers ask them please let me have the child and the doctors will say oh no, can’t do anything about it. And they’ll just let it die.

BRIAN ROSS Have you been present for such a procedure?

KIAO DUAN GAO Yes. Sometimes I’ve been there. Sometimes when I’ve sent them up there I’ve been in the room with them. I feel so sorry for them and it feels so cruel and if I could help them, I would.

BRIAN ROSS But you’re the person who signed the order, right?

KIAO DUAN GAO Yes, I’m ordered from above.


KIAO DUAN GAO This is the permit to have children. After people are married, they apply to have permission to have the children and if they get pregnant without permission then we have to force them to have an abortion and if they’re not willing to, if they run away or, we capture their parents or something else. We force them to do it.

BRIAN ROSS (VO) On the first floor, jail cells, a birth control jail for women who, Mrs Gao says, refuse to be sterilized or who become pregnant without her approval. Relatives who help to hide such women also end up here, she says.

KIAO DUAN GAO The people that are captured are locked up in there. There’s one for locking up men and one for locking up women.

BRIAN ROSS And how long would people be locked up?

KIAO DUAN GAO Oh, sometimes they’re locked up for five or six months. Some have even been locked up for eight months.

BRIAN ROSS (VO) The tape shows what Mrs Gao calls the sterilization doctor and the abortion room for abortions in the first trimester. Abortions for women in the final months of their pregnancy, up to and including nine months, are done at a hospital because of the serious nature of that procedure.

KIAO DUAN GAO It doesn’t matter how old the child is, if it is outside the family planning then it has to be aborted.

BRIAN ROSS And how many times did this happen over the course of the 14 years you ran the planned birth center?

KIAO DUAN GAO Hundreds of times.

BRIAN ROSS (VO) Mrs Gao says in the last few years she has secretly been trying to help some of the young women she has put through hell, including this young woman, who was unmarried, 19 years old and nine months pregnant with an unauthorized child when an informer turned her in and a squad of men was sent to the family home.

KIAO DUAN GAO The work group went over there and told her to come out and she was not willing to. She was hiding inside of her mother’s house. They were threatening to demolish the house.

BRIAN ROSS (VO) According to Mrs Gao, her men then smashed and nearly destroyed the house, seen in this photo, what Mrs Gao says is a common practice when someone refuses to cooperate with the birth control forces.

KIAO DUAN GAO She was about to have the baby. She wasn’t willing to come out.

BRIAN ROSS She was screaming?

KIAO DUAN GAO Oh yeah. She was crying. She was crying.

BRIAN ROSS And then she was forcibly taken to have an abortion?

KIAO DUAN GAO Yes. They took her over to have the abortion and she gave birth to a baby boy and the mother just cried and cried.

BRIAN ROSS What happened to the boy, the little baby?

KIAO DUAN GAO There’s nothing they could do. It just, he came out and he died.

BRIAN ROSS (VO) According to Mrs Gao, the woman’s child had been injected in the head with some kind of solution and died shortly after being born. (interviewing) Do you regret what you did?

KIAO DUAN GAO Of course. Many times when I went back home I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t sleep well.

Nightline Tuesday, June 9, 1998

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