A little irony on a Sunday morning….

Pro-choice activist Malia Cohen on a law  drafted to place burdensome regulations on the advertising of Crisis pregnancy centers:

“As a city, we have a responsibility to protect our most vulnerable residents.”

She accused the centers of pushing

“anti-abortion propaganda and mistruths on unsuspecting women.”

Jesse McKinley “Politicians Open Front on Abortion in Bay Area” New York Times August 2, 2011

This is the most ironic quote I have read in a long time. What about THIS victim:

7 wk dia

And many former abortion providers and postabortion women can tell you that it is the abortion clinics that give out propaganda and lies. 

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Abortion textbook on the “products of conception” in an abortion by pill

8 weeks

8 weeks

From a medical textbook on how to do abortions:

“Involuntary viewing of the products of conception is not an issue during surgical abortions, but the patient needs to know that during a medical[pill] abortion she may see the products. Some women are not affected by viewing the tissue or even find it reassuring; others prefer not to see the tissue at all…

If the pregnancy is eight weeks or beyond, she may indeed see a tiny embryo. The presence or absence of human shape and extremities may have an important impact. After providing a description, ask what, if any, affect the information has on her and then validate her reaction.”

Maureen Paul, E Steve Lichtenberg, Lynn Borgatta, David Grimes, Philip G Stubblefield A Clinician’s Guide to Medical and Surgical Abortion (New York: Churchill Livingstone, 1999)  34


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Pro-choice author: tide is shifting in pro-lifers’ favor

Katha Pollitt  joined Politics and Prose to promote her new pro-abortion book, PRO. She gave her reasons for writing it:

“I wrote this book because all you have to do is open up the newspaper and see the way things are going…Since, 2010 when the Republicans were so successful there have been 205 new abortion restrictions passed in the states, and, even more than the restrictions- the discourse. You can just feel it shifting. You can feel it shifting toward the anti-abortion side of language and the greater and greater defensiveness of the pro-choice side.”

See her say it here. 

Carole NovielliPro-Abortion Author Criticizes Planned Parenthood, Says Tide Shifting in Pro-Life Direction” LifeNews 11/7/14 

Appeared originally in Saynsumthn

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British abortionist complains about how few of her colleagues will do abortions

British abortionist Dr Kate Paterson expresses frustration at the shortage of abortion doctors in England:

“There are an awful lot of doctors already working helping women to get pregnant in the NHS and in the private IVF sector. There are a hell of a lot less who want to help women when they are pregnant and can’t cope. There is a desperate need for this kind of work and women can be in really extreme situations.”

More young doctors oppose abortions on ethical grounds London Evening Standard 16 April 2007

Seems like the shortage of abortionists is not just an American problem. Perhaps many doctors find ripping apart babies distasteful, despite the money there is to be made.

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Post abortion woman initially happy she got abortion, later regrets decision

Feminists for Life published Susan A Walders’ story of her abortion and its aftermath. Her story is tragically similar to so many other abortion stories, but one thing that stands out is that she was initially happy with her abortion and felt that it was the right choice. Later on, the regrets would come.

“I am one of those people who didn’t think abortion through in advance. Perhaps by sharing the story of the worst decision I have ever made, I can help other women to make that choice less frequently.…

[She became pregnant her sophomore year of college, and immediately decided on abortion]

I was irritated to find out I needed to schedule a preliminary appointment for counseling before I could arrange what they called the “procedure.” The “counselor,” and I use the term loosely, asked me if I was sure that I wanted an abortion and I said yes.

That was it. No information on pregnancy and birth, no list of possible choices, no discussion about motherhood. They took some blood, weighed me and got a brief medical history…

It rained the day of the “procedure.” It was surprisingly simple and relatively painless. Afterwards I felt immediately 100% better. The nausea ceased. There was strong cramping, but I could handle that.

If someone had asked me right then how I felt about what I had just done I would’ve said, “Wow, this is great! I have my health back, I have my life back!”

Go ahead, ask me now.

I am, at this moment, crying.

How callous I was. Just a kid, really. Self-centered and shallow. There were, and are now, so many other alternatives.…

To any woman who finds herself in the position I was in, please, talk to everyone who is important to you. Talk openly, honestly and consider other viewpoints besides your own.…

To abortion providers, I say give better information and counseling to young women. I can’t say for sure, but I might not have made the mistake I did if I had known that morning sickness goes away and there might have been someone who wanted my child.”

Susan A Walders “Mourning Life Lost to Hasty Decision “ The American Feminist vol. 5 # 1 spring 1998

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Live Video of an Abortion Procedure

This video shows an abortion and the bodies of aborted babies. It is extremely graphic and disturbing. There are millions of abortions done every day in the world, and over 3500 in the United States.

The first baby in this video appears to be in the second trimester. There are hundreds of abortions a day done at this stage in the US alone.  An abortion clinic worker also appears in the video. Her speech on how abortion is a loving and sacred act is contrasted with the reality shown in the abortion video.

Here is the video:

In the abortion video, the baby you see aborted could be legally aborted in any state in the United States.

The baby shown in the end is different from the one being aborted. He is 24 weeks old. Abortions at this stage are legal throughout much of the US.

Even early abortions leave gruesome remains. See this picture of the arms of a child aborted at only 7 weeks.


To verify that these pictures are accurate go to the Endowment for Human Development, which has pictures from National Geographic. It is not a pro-life site but will show you how developed babies are in the womb.

A few questions for you after seeing this video:

Abortion Pictures
Have you ever seen pictures/videos of aborted babies before?


Website Impact
If you came to this site pro-choice, has the info you've seen here changed your views?
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Late term abortionist “isn’t bashful about making money”

James Pendergraft is a late term abortionist, who performs abortions up to 28 weeks.

28 week old unborn baby

28 week old unborn baby

He works in Florida. From an article about him:

“Pendergraft also isn’t bashful about making money in his line of work. He says he went into a profession he believes in, and it happens to be profitable… He will not reveal annual revenues, but he says his clinics are “very economically viable.”

“His in-your-face salesmanship leaves many – including other clinic operators – uncomfortable. They wonder how much of his professed altruism is just a marketing pitch. Maggie Gifford, a spokeswoman for the Florida coalition of Independent Abortion Providers, for nearly 20 years, has run Alternatives of Tampa, a small abortion clinic… Gifford calls Pendergraft, who once worked for her “a new breed of cat”… “

She]says areas where the Pendergraft opens has his clinics are already well served by other clinics

“They say when Pendergraft opens his doors in a new city, such as Tampa, he drops prices to spur competition.”

[Pendergraft answers] that “he goes into new markets aggressively to attract patients who will respond to the level of care in his clinics and spread the word. He says he chooses locations based on evaluations of long-term supply and demand.”

He describes himself as a “God loving Christian.”

Cynthia Barnett “The Specialist” Florida Trend Archives June 1999

Pendergraft’s licence has been suspended four times for shoddy conditions in his clinic and botched abortions.  Read more about this here. 

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D&E abortions at 24 weeks are difficult to perform

“The size of the conceptus at this stage in pregnancy [Post 24 weeks gestation] makes D&E technically problematic… Delivery of a fetus after 24 weeks gestation will frequently result in an infant capable of survival…”

Joe Leigh Simpson, M.D. and Sherman Elias, M.D. Essentials of Prenatal Diagnosis (Churchill Livingstone, 1993) 327

In a D&E abortion, the baby is dismembered by forceps. Read more about this type of abortion here. 

24 weeks. legal to abort in many states

24 weeks. legal to abort in many states

The baby below was aborted intact at 24 weeks. He or she was most likely injected with poison before being delivered, This method was used because dismemberment with forceps would have been difficult.


Below; diagram of D&E abortion


Abortion Pictures
Have you ever seen pictures/videos of aborted babies before?
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Abortion of baby girls in Bombay reaches terrible proportions

“In Bombay, of 8000 amniocentesis test indicating the babies were female, all but one of the girls were killed by abortion.”

Jo McGowan, “In India They Abort Females,” Newsweek, February 13, 1989

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Clinic churns out abortions, even when women are late

Peter Korn, who wrote about an abortion clinic called Lovejoy and how it functioned, said the following about the head nurse’s job:

“Lovejoy has gone through 5 head nurses in 4 years. The job is a difficult one, at least partly because of the nature of the 2nd floor operation. On certain days as many as 25 first trimester abortions might be scheduled in one operating room. Women coming in for abortions are often suffering great emotional stress; of those that appear, it is not unusual for half to be late for their appointments, some by as much as 2 or 3 hours. The head nurse must keep the surgical area running efficiently in the face of such unpredictability. At one moment pre-op, the operating room, and postop can be functioning smoothly and on time. Then 6, 7, or 8 women will arrive simultaneously for their abortions.”

Peter Korn Lovejoy: A Year in the Life of an Abortion Clinic (New York: The Atlantic Monthly Press, 1996)  11

It’s easy to imagine that because of the volume of abortion patients and the emphasis on getting women in and out for their abortions, women may have been rushed through the procedures and may not have had their needs met needs met or received quality care.

In all, this clinic sounds like a factory, churning out abortions on an assembly line.

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